Seven Steps to Better Skin This Week

In our opinion Mondays get a bad rap. Yes, the weekend is over and the work week begins again, but we think Mondays are perfect for fresh starts. Start the week off right and vow to follow these seven easy steps to better skin this week. Happy Monday!

1) 30 More Minutes of Sleep
Between getting the kids ready for bed and demanding work deadlines, getting  the recommended 8 hours of sleep might sound like an impossible task. Aiming for just 30 more minutes of sleep per night will still help give your skin the needed time to produce more collagen which aids in firming  your skin. Adding 30 minutes will set  you on the right path to getting the sleep your skin needs.

2) Read a Book
Picking a great book, making a cup of green tea, and curling up in your favorite chair might sound like a perfect lazy afternoon, but it’s also helping your skin. Stress can interfere with almost all of your body’s central systems, including your skin, so engaging in stress reducing activities, like reading your favorite book, have huge stress reducing benefits.

Steps to better skin- relax and read a book

(Image: RealSimple)
3) Schedule a Facial
There are numerous benefits that come with getting facials: stress release, skin rejuvenation, exfoliation, a skin assessment by a professional... the list goes on and on. There are different types of facials for every skin type or issue so find a local spa near you and book today!

4) Go for a Jog
Working up a sweat through exercise is a great way to rid your body of unwanted toxins that can clog your pores and lead to blemishes. Dermatologist Sandra M. Johnson, MD with Johnson Dermatology in Fort Smith, Ark says, "Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, increases neuronal stimulation, and allows the sweat glands to increase their functions and rid the toxins." So by lacing up your running shoes you are helping your skin go through a much needed detox. Don’t forget to wash those toxins off your body by showering or rising off immediately after exercise.

Steps to better skin- exercise

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5) Wash Your Face Before Bed
Washing your face before you go to bed is a crucial step to healthy and radiant skin. During the day our pores collect dirt and grime that need to be eliminated. Sleeping without cleaning out your pores can lead to unwanted blemishes and breakouts. Our Conditioning Milk Cleanser gently washes away the day’s dirt and grime while enriching your skin with moisturizing antioxidants.

6) Eat an Avocado
Eating healthy, natural foods daily can have a huge impact on your skin. Foods with high natural fat content, such as avocados, will keep your skin hydrated and youthful. Avocados are also full of Vitamin E which have powerful anti-aging antioxidants. Need some ideas on how to incorporate avocados into your diet? Check out these yummy and healthy recipes!

Steps to better skin- eat an avacado

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7) Wear Sunscrean
We’ve all know how important it is to protect our skin but now it’s time to really start listening. Finding the right product for daily use is critical to protecting your skin from harsh UV rays. We love our Protecting Powder because it has an SPF of 30 because it  can be dusted on right over makeup. Start applying a product with SPF even on the days you are not on the beach and your skin will definitely thank you!