Summer Olympics 2012: gloProfessional and the USA Field Hockey Team

The Summer Olympics are right around the corner and gloProfessional is excited to support the USA Field Hockey team as they compete in the London 2012 Olympic Games! As proud sponsors of the field hockey team, gloProfessional wanted to hear firsthand how these talented women are preparing.  A couple members of the Olympic team were kind enough to answer some of our questions. We will be featuring their responses in the weeks leading up to the Olympic Games so stay tuned!

USA Field Hockey and gloProfessional
Photo:   Yuchen Nie
Michelle Vittese- Forward
Caroline Nichols- Defender
Lauren Crandall - Defender
Claire Laubach- Defender 

gloProfessional: Congratulations on making the 2012 Olympic Team! What does being an Olympian mean to you?
Michelle: Being an Olympian is a dream come true.  At first, it's amazing to become one of the best players in the country.  Eventually, as you train and experience the selection process, it starts to mean so much more.  Now, it's an honor to wear USA across my jersey.  Every time I hear the National Anthem I still get chills.  It's about being an American and being able to represent the entire nation in one of the greatest sporting venues in the world.
Caroline: Being an Olympian means I am an ambassador of my sport. I represent my country in everything I do and it is an honor to wear the red, white, and blue. I am the image of what most children dream to be when they grow up (myself included) and it is truly an honor to be that image! It also means that I have truly reached the pinnacle of my sport and all of that hard work I put in "year after year after year" as finally paid off! It is simply an honor!
Lauren:  The Olympics is an ultimate achievement on a world class stage, but more importantly it means being part of something so much bigger than yourself, your team, and even your sport.  You are an ambassador for a worldwide movement that emphasizes collaboration, sportsmanship, unity, and peace through sport.

Claire:  For me, It means getting to represent and play for your country in a way that many people will not have a chance to do. It really is quite an honor. 

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