Summer Olympics 2012: Opening Ceremony Beauty

The opening ceremony is only a day away and the excitement about this year’s Olympic Games is building! The opening ceremony is an honored tradition and one that the US Field Hockey team is thrilled to be part of. The ceremony  will be broadcast in over 90 countries worldwide so we asked the ladies how they plan on getting ready for such an exciting event!

Meet the Athletes:                    
Katie O'Donnell - Striker Michelle Kasold - Striker   
Michelle Vittese - Forward                       Caroline Nichols - Defender
Lauren Crandall - Defender                     Amy Swensen - Goalkeeper

gloProfessional: How are you preparing for the opening ceremony?

Michelle K: The opening ceremony will be exciting and you have to look good! I think I'll have to use my Water Resistant Mascara and my Smoky Eye Kit for the evening!

Lauren:  Luckily the easiest thing about opening ceremony is that your outfit is already picked out!  I'll definitely be using the Conditioning Milk Cleanser followed by the Vitamin C Serum. I have to look sharp!

Amy: The majority of my pictures from the 2008 Olympics are from the opening ceremony so I'll want to look nice!I love the Pressed Base powder and Lip Gloss so I'll use both at the opening ceremonies for a natural and simple look.

Katie: I think I will straighten my hair and use my Smoky Eye Kit to look awesome for the cameras.  Oh and the other athletes I will be meeting!

Michelle V: I'll try to remember every second of it. I have gotten into using the Vitamin C Ultra 15% every day, so I'll apply that and hopefully try to look pretty!

Caroline: I really love the Refresh Facial Polish and Vita E Essential Cream. I use the cream daily and it leaves me feeling smooth and confident. I don't wear too much makeup, but will use my Precise Micro Eyeliner to help make my eyes pop and the Bronze to help boost the glow I will already have walking into the opening ceremonies.

We know the ladies will look stunning! Also, check out the uniform designed by Ralph Lauren! 

Opening Ceremony Outfit 2012Opening Ceremony Outfit 2012

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Photos: courtesy of Raulph Lauren

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