Summer Olympics 2012: Preparing for Long Flights

Untitled Document Earlier this week our national makeup artist, Kate McCarthy, shared her tips on traveling in style. Today we are excited to hear how the US Field Hockey team is preparing for their big trip across the pond.

Meet the Athletes:
Katie O'Donnell - Striker                 Michelle Kasold - Striker
Michelle Vittese - Forward              Caroline Nichols - Defender
Lauren Crandall - Defender

gloProfessional: The flight to London is 8+ hours. Any good travel tips for long flights?

Michelle: Traveling has negative effects on your body.  Being on long flights increases your chances of getting sick and also dehydrates you.  It is important to keep yourself hydrated and wash your hands.  It is the easier way to bounce back quickly from long flights.  I also like to carry facial wipes so I can feel polished and clean!

Caroline: I always travel with face wipes, my toothbrush and toothpaste, and hand sanitizer...other than that...a great music playlist, comfy pillow, and movies are the only other things you need to make the trip comfy.

Lauren:  Compression socks or tights are key to avoiding what we like to call cankles (calf+ankles).  Drink lots of water and be sure to buy lots of gossip magazines!

Michelle: Always bring a good book and some movies for long flights! Eye shades are helpful too if you want to get some sleep on the flight.

Katie: Get up and move around and stretch your muscles. Drink water. Drink water. AND drink more water!

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