Summer Olympics 2012: US Field Hockey Pre-Game Rituals

The US Field Hockey team is in London and we can’t wait to support them as they take on Germany July 29th. As game time approaches the girls are staying confident and focused with these pre-game rituals.

Meet the Athletes:
Claire Laubach - Defender Katie O'Donnell - Striker
Michelle Vittese - Forward Caroline Nichols - Defender
Lauren Crandall - Defender Amy Swensen - Goalkeeper
Michelle Kasold - Striker Kayla Bashore -Smedley- Midfield

Women's Field Hockey Sponsor gloProfessional
Photo: John Radd

gloProfessional: What pre-game rituals do you have? Any crazy superstitions?

Katie: Not so much a ritual but I like to warm up the same way every game.  So stand in the same places, start drills in the same spot in line, pass with the same person, etc.  I get ready 45 minutes before a game and then just hang out until we leave for the pitch.

Caroline: I always call my dad before every game. I also shower before every game. This gives me an opportunity to use my glo essentials shampoo and conditioner to pamper myself. Showering also gives me a chance to take some alone time and focus before the game.

Kayla: I like to shower before the game so I feel fresh and ready for the game, especially if it is hot outside.  I also like to wear the same sports game bra.  I wear it only for games.

Michelle K: I don't have any crazy superstitions, but I always put my right sock, shin guard, and shoe on before my left. I also have to listen to music before the game. I always have my iPod with me, the playlist changes, but I like to have my choice in songs.

USA Women's Field Hockey Sponsor gloProfessional
Photo: Yuchen Nie

gloProfessional:  What are the best ways to calm your nerves before a big game?

Michelle V: Honestly, nerves happen to every athlete, some just know how to control them better than others. For me, I try to relax and have fun.  Having fun and trying to focus on the people around me rather than the huge crowd makes me most successful.

Lauren:  Well its easier said than done, but basically stop thinking about what the result of the game will be or how you are going to play and start visualizing or focusing on what you are going to do well because you have trained for that.

Claire: Staying in the moment. Not letting everything going on around you get in your head.

Amy: Routine is big for me. I like that our team has a game day routine. It helps me get through the day without getting too nervous.

Michelle K: The best way to calm my nerves before a big game is to just listen to my music and dance! I know we're prepared, so I like to keep my mind off the game and let out any loose nervous energy. Plus, it's fun!!

Katie: Laugh! Laugh about something stupid or silly with your teammates!

Thanks, Ladies, for the game day insight! We can’t wait to cheer you on this Sunday! Also, check out this week’s Sports Illustrated for an awesome photo of Lauren Crandall and Katie O’Donnell in their lovely gloProfessional USA jerseys!

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