Summer Olympics 2012: Which Olympian Would You Want to Meet?

The ladies of the US Field Hockey team are quickly climbing the “Athletes to Watch” list for this year’s Olympic Games. But who are the ladies hoping to meeting? As proud sponsors of the team we were lucky enough to get the dish!

Meet the Athletes:
Claire Laubach - Defender Katie O'Donnell - Striker
Michelle Vittese - Forward Caroline Nichols - Defender
Lauren Crandall - Defender Amy Swensen - Goalkeeper
Michelle Kasold - Striker Kayla Bashore -Smedley- Midfield

gloProfessional: Which athlete would you love to run into in the Olympic Village?

Kayla: I met Roger Federer in 2008 and loved talking to him so it would be great to run into him again.  I'm sure he'll remember me :)

Michelle V: Rafael Nadal or Ryan Lochte

Claire: Roger Federer

Caroline: Megan Rapinoe or Rachel Buehler from the women's us soccer team. I have always looked up to the women's soccer team as a little girl and those are two athletes I really enjoy watching.

Katie: I would love to run into Roger Federer.

Lauren: Ryan Lochte

Amy: Roger Federer

Michelle K: There are so many amazing athletes, it's hard to choose just one! I would love to run into Rafael Nadal in the Olympic Village though. I love watching him play tennis! It'll be fun to see all the different countries represent.

Looks like Roger Federer wins with the most votes! Which Olympian would you love to meet?

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