Friday, August 31, 2012

Ami Approved: Let’s get Glo-ing!

A healthy, fresh and glowing complexion should be a part of every girl’s beauty wish list. However, hydrated and radiant skin is sometimes difficult to achieve with environmental factors like sun exposure and dehydration gumming up the works. Have no fear, Ami is here and I’ve found a beautiful solution! The secret is glo minerals’ Sheer Tint Illuminator. It’s the perfect way to achieve youthful, luminous skin without looking artificial. Its pearly pink color and lightweight consistency can be applied underneath any foundation or mixed with Protective Liquid Foundation, Sheer Tint Base or Face Primer for a natural glow. The Sheer Tint Illuminator can also be used in the orbital area of the eye to wake up and brighten tired eyes. In addition, this multi-tasking product can double as a fantastic primer for oily skin and a magnificent highlighter for the tops of cheekbones. This product belongs in every glo gal’s makeup bag and is absolutely Ami Approved!

Ami Approved makeup

Sheer Tint Illuminator Majestic Jungle

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