Are glo minerals’ Products Gluten-Free?

The author of this post is a member of the gloProfessional Digital Commerce and Media Team and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in January 2010.

As someone who has been gluten-free for two and a half years, let me take a minute and tell you why I am gluten-free and why it’s an important topic for a beauty company to discuss.

The year after I graduated college I started to feel increasingly sick and couldn’t figure out why. Not only did I start to get large dry spots resembling eczema all over my skin, I became incredibly ill after each and every meal. In addition I suffered from severe headaches and dizzy spells in the afternoon. I started skipping meals and avoiding certain social functions in fear that I would get sick in the middle of the event. It started to not only affect my eating habits, but my relationships,  job and social life. A friend suggested I see an allergist because he thought I might be lactose intolerant. Instead, my bloodwork showed that I have Celiac Disease which requires a completely gluten-free diet (more about Celiac Disease and living gluten-free).

Even though “gluten- free” is the current buzzword in dietary, medical and celebrity fitness circles, there are people whose health depends on finding gluten-free products they can trust. We receive several questions a week asking if glo minerals’ products are gluten-free. As someone who takes this very seriously I can give you the current rundown.

Are glo minerals’ products gluten-free?
glo minerals’ products are gluten-free with the following exceptions:
Face Primer - contains Hordeum Distichon (Barley) Extract to help retain moisture and provide anti-oxidants to help soothe and calm skin.
Lip Filler Pencil- Contains Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein which contains properties for improved lip hydration and moisture content.
Moisturizing Body Wash- Contains Wheat Amino Acids to condition and increases skin’s moisture retention.
Smoothing Salt Scrub
- Contains Wheatgerm Oil to increase moisture. 

**New Addition:Precise Micro Lipliner**

How does gloProfessional avoid cross-contamination?
Our glo minerals facility has strict standard operating procedures and all necessary precautions are made to avoid cross contamination. This includes cleaning and sanitizing the equipment on the line between each and every batch.  While our manufacturers do their best to avoid cross contamination, gloProfessional can’t 100% guarantee that it never happens since it is not a gluten-free facility. I can say that I have never personally had an issue using the products.

Many people with gluten sensitivities are conscious about gluten in their diets but it really must be removed from all products they come into contact with in their daily lives. Immediately after going gluten-free my symptoms disappeared. It’s been more than 2 years sans gluten and I haven’t looked back.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask us on our facebook page or on twitter.

- Amy, gloProfessional Digital Commerce and Media