Back to School: Wearing Makeup with Glasses

I have a soft spot for school supplies. There is nothing like walking into a store to find a whole section dedicated to back to school! The beginning of each school year is a great time to re-create yourself or add new routines to your current one.  A question I get a lot is how to wear makeup when you also wear glasses. So, here is your back to school makeup tip!

Take a look at your glasses. How wide are they, how much of your face and eyes do they cover? Are the rims thin or thick? You can base your makeup look off the style of your glasses. If you wear thin, delicately-rimmed glasses focus on liner, and brows. Use the Precise  Micro Eyeliner in black to emphasize your eyes, lining both top and bottom as well as your water line. Keep the lines thin and close to the lash line. If you do too thick of a line your eyes could get lost.  Keep your lids natural using an Eye Shadow in diamond or bamboo on the entire lid. Add a little twig or dusk to the crease and highlight with twinkle or haze to keep it very light and natural. Next, focus on giving your brows a bold look to balance the delicacy of your glasses while also balancing your overall look.  When it comes to the rest of your face, give your cheek bones a lift by highlighting them with a shimmery light toned blush. I love Blush in nectar or paradise and keep the color high up on your cheeks! If you want to add a pop to your lips go for it! No rules there!

If you wear a thicker rim that covers your brows and touches right underneath your eye socket (base of your cheek) you can rock a number of different looks. These types of glasses will only magnify what you put on! Try a kitten eye (a step down and more natural version of the cat eye) keeping the wing just outside the end of your upper lash line or try a daytime smoky eye using the Metallic Smoky Eye Kit. If your brows really don’t show over the rim of your glasses, don’t worry about filling them in but if a little bit of them peek out then give them some definition.  I suggest using a bright or rich color on your lips to bring a balance to your look overall.  A red Lipstick in vixen or burgundy Lipstick in aubergine would be a great shade to try. Give balance to your face when wearing heavy-rimmed glasses by pulling focus to another part of your face is a great tip! Have your lips do the talking.

Now embrace your new studious look and enjoy the fall!  

How to wear makeup with glasses
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