Product Review: Body Glisten

Are you looking for that extra something to help illuminate your skin? glo minerals Body Glisten adds just enough shimmer and sparkle to your skin without going overboard. Apply a small amount to clean skin for a subtle sheen that lasts throughout the day or add more for a fun, nighttime glow. The exclusive antioxidant blend of Vitamins A,C,E and Green Tea Extract makes this the perfect product to help your skin shine from the inside out.

body glisten glo minerals
Body Glisten

Here’s what others have to say about glo minerals Body Glisten:

“This product is beautiful on the skin. It is smooth and creamy and has a nice fragrance. The skin glistens but not too much as other products tend to do. I love it!” - Darlene

The buzzworthy Birchbox is also a fan! Check out this shout out on their blog:
“...but we also want our skin to look fresh and dewy. Enter our new fave find, gloMinerals’ Body Glisten. Makeup artist Nam Vo introduced us to this gilded lotion at a recent photo shoot where she applied a handful to the model to give her some sparkle. We imagine that this is the perfect way make our legs look a little extra special after months of no sun, so we can’t wait for the weather to turn nice enough for us to actually test out our theory.”

Works well with: Body Bronzer

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