Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Avoiding Beauty Faux Pas

Beauty Q&A Kate McCarthy

Q: Hi Kate! As a makeup artist you have probably seen some wild looks. What is the most common makeup faux pas you see and how can I avoid it?

Kate: Makeup is all about attention to detail. I think the most common things I see are mis-matched foundation, use of too much product, and not “connecting” your lines. To make sure your foundation matches your tone and complexion you should always match to your neck. Whichever shade disappears on your neck is the color for you. Even if the color looks a little off on your face, as long as you blend down your neck all will be well. To avoid using too much product you need to follow the less is more rule. Even if you are doing a dramatic look, you still need to be soft with your touch. Make up is about emphasizing your beauty on a daily basis, not changing who you are completely. And my biggest pet peeve… not connecting your lines. Make sure you when you put on your lipstick or gloss that you get product into the outer corners where your lips naturally connect. People forget that part all the time! This tips goes for your eyes as well. When doing a smoky eye, or wearing liner on top and bottom lash lines, make sure you connect the outer corners!

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