Q&A with Kate McCarthy: How to Apply Lip Liner

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Q: Hi Kate! I have a hard time putting on lip liner. Is lip liner really necessary and if so, what tips do you have so it doesn't look sloppy?

Kate McCarthy: Lip liner serves a number of great purposes in your beauty routine. It can make your lips look fuller and even them out. Plus, when filled into the entire lip, and layered with lipstick, it can prolong the length between re-applies. The trick to applying lip liner is to start right on the inside of your natural lip line. Follow the line around your lips and then use the brush end of your glo minerals Precision Lip Pencil to blend out into the rim of your lips. Fill your lips in with the liner, and then layer on Lipstick and Gloss. Don’t forget to trace the liner on the outer corners of your lips, often times that part is forgotten and can make your lips look disconnected. Now, is liner necessary? Yes and no. If your lips are starting to thin then I suggest it. If you still have your youthful fullness, then no you don’t “need” it but it can add a little drama!  

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