Q&A with Kate McCarthy: How to Cover Rosacea

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Q: Hi Kate- My skin has a red undertone and I also suffer from occasional rosacea flare ups. What kind of foundation should I use to cover up redness?

Great question! Often times those with rosacea (learn more) tend to see a red/pink undertone at first glance. Rosacea is actually a surface tone, so you want to check the skin behind your ear as opposed to your neck since rosacea also tends to flare up there as well. Once you are able to pinpoint whether you are indeed a pink/red undertone or if you are a yellow/olive undertone, the first product you want to use is glo minerals Redness Relief Powder (Review). This powder neutralizes surface redness and is ideal even for the most sensitive skin. Follow with either the Pressed Base (Review) or Loose Base for full coverage. I like using loose base foundations for rosacea because you can really build some great coverage and spot treat where you need the most! I suggest going with a golden or honey undertone since yellow-based foundations really neutralize redness.

Here are some before and after photos featuring glo minerals products covering redness and rosacea!

Rosacea Cover Up Makeup BeforeRosacea cover up makeup after

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