Kate McCarthy Shares Her Beauty Bio and Why She Loves the Beauty Industry

National Makeup Artist Kate McCarthy

A lot of people ask how and why I got into the beauty industry. To answer that question, let’s go back in time to when I was a little girl with a fascination for makeup products. More often than not, I would disappear from family gatherings and be found in my mother or aunt’s bathroom along with my cousin playing a game I liked to call “potions” (ahhh to be a kid again). I was so fascinated by all of the pretty bottles and containers that housed creams, colors, serums, powders and liquids and I couldn’t wait to mix them all together and get my hands dirty (er… pretty?).  That fascination continued through middle school and high school when I started marketing myself to do others’ makeup for homecoming and prom.  The more I learned about makeup the more I needed to work with it as much as I possibly could.

As time went on, I also became infatuated with movies. I wanted to attend a college that had a film program so I applied and was admitted to film school in the great state of Montana (yes… Bozeman, Montana has a wonderful film program). Now, in case you aren’t familiar with the “film student type” there are basically two types: those who like to film melodramas and those who like to film gangster mob shoot outs. Blame my Italian Irish background  but I stuck with the gangster/mob shootout style group and I quickly learned how to create FX wounds and fell in love with the art of it. I started to see how transcending makeup could be. You can become whoever and whatever you want to be without leaving your bathroom. The confidence this gave me and the student actors was inspiring.

Upon graduating, I moved to LA and I jumped right in! Luckily, I knew a few people in the industry and I was able to focus on perfecting my craft in FX and beauty. I later attended a 10 week intensive beauty and editorial school to sharpen my skills and learn new techniques (an artist’s education is never complete).  I also learned a great deal about networking and how to market myself which enabled me to work with all types of productions, people and photo shoots. I’ve been in this industry for close to nine years now and the more I learn,  the more passionate I become about what makeup can do.

So to sum it all up…if I had to answer why I got into the industry it would be this: Because I am so passionate about makeup artistry and what it can accomplish, I feel a certain obligation to women. I want all women to know that there is beauty in everything. What you see as a flaw is just a unique feature that makes you who you are. Makeup is a tool to emphasize your inner beauty and show the world how you are feeling.  I couldn’t imagine doing any other job!  Stay pretty!!