How to Look Perfectly Polished

Looking polished everyday (yes, even on the weekends!) can put a pep in our step and make us feel more confident and energized.  Psychologists acknowledge the correlation between putting effort into our looks and increased self-worth. This confidence translates into all areas of our lives from work, to relationships to physical and mental health. We’re not talking about trying to look like a supermodel, but rather looking our personal best and meeting our individual beauty standards everyday. After all, when we look good, we feel good!

We’ve asked people around the gloProfessional office to share tips on how to look perfectly polished and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips. To enter the Perfectly Polished Giveaway** leave a comment in the comments section below with your best tip for staying polished and two lucky winners will receive a free Daily Polishing Cleanser (read a review)!

Perfectly Polished Giveaway

gloProfessional’s Tips for Staying Perfectly Polished:
1) Find a routine: Spend some time finding your go-to lip and eye shadow color and then work them into a practiced and easy beauty routine. We recommend Eye Shadow in twig and Gloss in plum glaze for easy everyday hues.

2) Maintenance: Polished women look after their nails, their brows, and their roots. (We admit, we’re guilty of letting one or more of those go from time to time!) With our busy schedules it’s important to plan ahead. It can help to book your next appointment before you even leave the salon.

3) Find What Fits: Finding classic pieces that truly fit is a key to looking polished. Think tailored blazers, boot cut jeans and pretty wrap dresses. Never focus on the size of the pants or dress but on how things fit your body.

4) Quality Over Quantity: When it comes to clothing and beauty products always focus on quality products that are right for your body, skin and shape. Quality ingredients and fabrics can make a world of difference when it comes looking polished.