Product Review: Conditioning Hydration Cream

glo therapeutics Conditioning Hydration Cream is a dream product for anyone needing extra hydration and moisture to help strengthen dry or aging skin. The rich blend of antioxidants and Collagen help enhance elasticity while fortifying dry, aging and sensitive skin. Conditioning Hydration Cream is perfect as a stand alone moisturizer or apply after Ultra 15% Vitamin C for added moisture and anti-aging benefits.

Conditioning Hydration Cream Product Review 

Here’s what others have to say about this top-selling product:

I love this moisturizer. It feels great and never oily like many I've tried. I know this will sound corny but it's like my skins best friend. They just feel perfect together.” - Tanja, Online Review

“I purchased the Conditioning Hydration Cream after a great experience at the spa. I like simple, natural creams. This product feels so natural and blends in without shine. I can use it before applying makeup or after cleansing at night. Since it lasts for several months, it is a great value!” - Sandy, Online Review

“I have tried many moisturizers in the past and nothing compares to this product. I have combo skin and this product provides excellent hydration to the drier areas of my skin without making other areas too oily.” Caroline, Online Review

“This is the best moisturizer that I have used in a really long time. I've used all the expensive moisturizers from all the makeup counters at department stores and those don't compare! This one keeps my face moist throughout the day and night and leaves my skin feeling so good and fresh. And it helps to keep my skin clear of blemishes. Use with the gloConditioning Milk Cleanser face wash and your skin will feel fabulous.” - Leslie, Online Review

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