Product Review: Ultra 15% Vitamin C

If you are looking for a product to transform the appearance of your skin, glo therapeutics Ultra 15% Vitamin C is it! Ultra 15% Vitamin C’s boasts a cutting-edge blend of peptides and antioxidants that repair and strengthen skin cells. Check out the clinical study results from one of Ultra 15% Vitamin C’s key ingredients, Inyline, below.  In only 28 days, participants in a clinical study found a 14.9% decrease in wrinkle depth. Apply Ultra 15% Vitamin C in the morning on dry, clean skin to visibly transform your skin's clarity while protecting your skin against free radical damage.

Vitamin C Skin Study

What others have to say

“Every morning I use the Vitamin C, then B5, followed by my moisturizer. It has really changed my skin for the better. It’s more youthful looking.” - Jennifer, Online Review

“Changed my life!” - Jennifer, Pinterest

Vitamin C Skin serum