Q&A with Kate: How to Keep Eyeliner from Running

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Q: Hi Kate! How do you keep your eyeliner from running at the corners and underneath your eyes?
- Donna via Facebook

Kate: Thanks for  your question, Donna! Eyeliner can often travel to places where it shouldn’t but there are a few easy steps you can take to prevent this from happening.  If you have oily eyelids start with glo minerals Lid Primer then apply Perfecting Powder on top of the primer. Next, apply your liner followed by another layer of Perfecting Powder on top. Because it’s translucent, the powder will not affect the color or depth or your liner. Follow the same steps when applying liner to your lower lash line. Start by using Under Eye Primer then use the Smudge Brush to add a thin line of Perfecting Powder only where your liner is going to be.  Apply your liner then set it with another layer of Perfecting Powder and it should stay put!

If you don’t have oily eyelids, but you still have a problem with running liner, make sure to try different formulas to see which adheres to your skin the best. A lot of times I find that cake liner (eye shadow used as a liner) has long lasting staying power. I like using Eye Shadow in sable with a wet Eyeliner Brush.  Also try applying Cream Eyeliner, Precision Eye Pencil or Liquid Liner  then apply Eye Shadow in sable  or kona (whatever shadow matches the color of your liner) with flat Eyeliner Brush. The powder will help keep the traditional eyeliner in place.  

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