Q&A with Kate McCarthy: How to Define Your Brows

Q: Hi Kate! This season I've seen a lot of beauty trends focusing on strong eyebrows. I've never used an eyebrow pencil before. Any tips?

Kate: I love the bold brow trend! First make sure you pair the brows with a natural Eye Shadow in bamboo, twig or haze and a thin line of Precise Micro Eyeliner in black on the lash line. Add bright cheeks with Blush in plumeria, begonia or guava and a bold lip to match (I am obsessed with combining the Tint for Cheeks and Lips with Lipstick in siren and Gloss in plum glaze on top) for a polished look that will complement a strong brow.

Now for the brows! Using a pencil is great if you have only a few sparse areas on the brow. Using feathery strokes, fill in the sparse parts and comb the color through using the spoolie on the end of the Precision Brow Pencil. If you have a lot of sparse areas use the Brow Powder Duo or even an Eye Shadow. Using a Brow Brush start from the top of your brow (as opposed to under where your arch is) and follow the natural line to the end. This will give you a nice symmetrical line since brows are sisters not twins! Fill in from the bottom following the natural shape of your brow and extend the line out just a smidge to add some length. Using a spoolie, comb and blend the color through your brow. If you are feeling really bold, use Brow Gel in your color and give a quick application using feathery strokes through the hair only. Brow gel is meant to add color to fading, light or graying brows so you only want it to adhere to the hair. If you are feeling super bold use the Precision Brow Pencil in taupe and trace right outside your brow to make them really pop!

Check out our Strong Brows board on Pinterest for some inspiration!

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