Friday, October 12, 2012

Ami Approved: Operation Restoration

We are often not the kindest to our hair... we dye, straighten, curl, twist, tie, crimp (this is a trend that is coming back I swear), back comb, and tease our hair into submission. Not to mention exposure to the sun, snow, and a plethora of damaging products! It is a scary world for your strands!

Soft, shiny, silky, lustrous, voluminous hair is a beauty ambition that I have been working toward since I was but a young product-obsessed lass. I’ve tried everything from crazy home remedies that led me to smelling like an old sandwich with mayonnaise and avocados to water softening faucets, but I couldn’t find the answer. Lost in a sea of dull, dry and damaged strands, I was beginning to look a bit like medusa and needed some serious hair repair. Enter glo essentials’ Intense Recovery Conditioning Mask.

With a fabulous blend of Clover (for strength), Peptides (to help support the hair’s integrity) and Dextran (a calming agent), this wonder mask helps strengthen and repair dry, damaged hair. The Intense Recovery Conditioning Mask also contains the glo essentials Mineral Botanical Peptide complex of Jade Powder, Turmeric and Quinoa. However, despite all of these incredible ingredients the very first l thing I noticed about this product was its intoxicating scent! My shower has never smelled lovelier.

Apply about a quarter sized amount to the hair (note: if you have fine hair or roots which tend to get oily, start application about 1/3 of the way down the hair shaft) and leave on 3-5 minute then rinse for a complete replenishment and restoration of your locks. For hair that has luster, body and shine the Intense Recovery Conditioning Mask is Ami Approved!   

intense recovery conditioning mask hair care
Intense Recovery Conditioning Mask

*Tip: Pair with the new glo essentials Extreme Heat Protecting Serum to defend against harsh environmental conditions and heat styling.
** This product is sulfate, paraben, phosphate and gluten- free! It also has UV and heat protection and is color safe!

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