Don't Be Afraid!

With spooky corn mazes, haunted houses and terrifying horror movies, the fall is full of things that scare us silly! One thing that should never scare you is trying a new beauty trend! If you have dreamed of trying a bold new color or style, we say go for it! Here are some of the products that you should try and a few helpful tips that take the fear out of experimenting with your beauty routine.

Bright Blush: Don’t let the brightness of our gorgeous Cream Blush colors scare you! Both plumeria and guava are surprisingly easy to wear and look great on all complexions. Applied correctly, these bright blushes can add life to your face. The key is to use sparingly and blend thoroughly using the  Cream Blush Brush.

Rich Eye Shadow Pigments: Try mixing bold Eye Shadow colors that you would normally shy away from with colors you are comfortable with. Mermaid, ocean, and eggplant are all beautiful shades that can add depth and drama to your look . Our makeup artist, Ami, blended ocean  with earth tones to create this gorgeous look that is unexpected but still elegant and wearable. 

Colorful Eyeliner: Using jewel tone eye pencils to line the upper and lower lashline is a striking technique that really makes your eyes pop. We love Precision Eye Pencil in plum,  twilight and deep olive which can add incredible dimension and bring out the color of your eyes.

Bold Cat Eye:
Kate McCarthy takes the guesswork out of creating the perfect cat eye in this easy to follow video exclusive. Still unsure if you are ready for the full look? The ‘kitten eye” follows the same steps but the wing is slightly shorter but still impactful.

Insider Tip: Wear your new look around your house while working, cleaning, cooking or relaxing for a couple days before you debut your bold new look in public.

Always remember that makeup should be fun and help you express who you are. So have fun, experiment and don’t be afraid!