Guest Post: Kate McCarthy Loves Halloween!

This post was written by glo minerals' National Makeup Artist, Kate McCarthy.

Ever since I was a young little thing I have loved Halloween for many reasons. The best part, of course, was getting a pillow case chalk full of candy by the end of the night (with the exception of that one house that gave out pennies). On October 1st my mother would ask me the question I looked forward to all year “What do you want to be for Halloween?” The thought of transforming into mini mouse, a dragon or a dalmatian was so exciting and the possibilities were endless.

Now a day I decide my Halloween costume well in advance (I honestly start planning in May).  Since I always prefer to make my own costume, I have to pick a theme, or character, and begin to look for my materials early. Looking back I can say that I have been able to be so many wonderful things… Holly Golightly, Twiggy, Two Face and even a Luche Libre.  This year I dressed up as part of the legendary hip hop group Run DMC.  How do I come up with these ideas? I write down about 10 different ideas on separate pieces of paper and pick from a hat (for real)!  The element of surprise is fun, and then the challenge of making it all happen is even better!

I think the main reason I love Halloween is the opportunity to become a completely different person or thing for one day knowing that there will be NO JUDGMENT! You want to be a vampire? Go for it! Ninja? Why not! Halloween is a makeup artist's dream holiday! This year I worked on a number of zombies, sugar skulls, a few peacocks, and even a lost boy. So this Halloween grab yourself a pumpkin flavored something and get to work! If you are feeling uninspired this year, check out some ideas we came up with here in the office!

Kate McCarthy Halloween Costumes