Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Best Mineral Makeup Application Tips

Hi Kate! I am new to the world of mineral makeup. What are your top tips and techniques for mineral makeup application?

Kate: Great question! Here are my top four tips for applying mineral makeup:

1.       Make sure your skin is super hydrated. Minerals love hydration. If your skin is dry after you apply your mineral makeup, take some B5 Hydration and rub it on your hands and pat it into your skin for a plump healthy glo! Also, try setting your makeup with a quick spray of Revive Hydration Mist.

2.       Choose the right color. Have a professional color match you, don’t do it yourself. One benefit to mineral makeup is that the pigment is very fine and extremely accurate in color. The right color foundation will make all the difference! If you need to find a glo mineral’s professional near you email facebook@gloprofessional.com.

3. Blend Last. When applying mineral eye shadow, make sure you tap away excess product from your brush. Next, pat the product onto your lid and then follow with blending. The idea is to press and place the mineral pigment onto the skin, then blend it out… much like a painter places color first on the canvas, then chooses to blend.

4.    Less is more. When using mineral makeup, you have to lighten your touch and amount of product you use. You don’t need nearly as much as you do with a conventional line! Once you apply your foundation, wait five minutes before deciding whether or not to add another layer!

Best Mineral Makeup Application Tips
Mineral Makeup Application Tips