Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Creating Balance with a Bold Lip

Your lips give your thoughts a voice, and the bolder they are the better we hear you! As always, a delicate balance is needed when rocking a bold lip. Last week we talked about creating balance for an all over bold look. Now let’s look at finding balance when you want to have one bold feature.

If you are feeling sassy and want the world to hear your voice then perk up those puckers with some Lipstick in vixen topped with Gloss in poppy. Go even bolder by using a Precision Eye Pencil in  black or brown (yep, that’s right) to fill in your lips and top with Lipstick in aubergine, bordeaux or cabaret.  

To find balance with a bold, dark lip remember that you want the attention to go to your mouth first, so avoid adding anything else on your face that might compete with the lip color. I like a soft color wash on the lid. A color wash is one color used from lashline to brow bone.  I like Eye Shadow in twinkle, lilac, sand pebble, or haze.  Next add a thin black line on top and bottom lashlines with Precise Micro Eyeliner. Follow with a few coats of Water Resistant Mascara, and lightly filled in brows. Keep the cheeks nude with Blush in nectar, innocent, or bare and keep the placement from the apples to the temple.

For a bright, vibrant bold lip, try pairing Lipstick in vixen and Liquid Lips in romance. First apply two layers of vixen on your bottom lip only and then apply romance on your top lip. Blend by blotting lips together to create a hot pink hue that is to die for! I also love a bright pastel year round! Try mixing Sheer Lipstick in bora bora, a dab of Concealer Under Eye in golden and Eye Shadow in lilac on the back of your hand then apply with a Lip Definer Brush.

With a bright bold lip I like to keep the rest of the look basic. Think back to when you first learned how to apply eye shadow. Most of you probably learned these basic steps: 1. Base color 2. Crease color, 3. Highlight color. I like this basic application when working with a bright, bold lip. Keep the colors light and simple and use Eye Shadow in bamboo or diamond on the lid, twig or dusk in the crease, and sand pebble, fawn, or haze as the highlight. Add liner on your top lash line, and a soft taupe shade on the lower lash line. For a brighter lip, add dimension with a bolder brow to frame the face. Pick a soft pink or peach for your cheeks, I like Blush in bellini, sweet, or terra cotta.

There you go! These are some very simple tips on keeping balance when working with a bright or dark bold lip! Remember, you want the eye to be drawn to the lips first so focus on keeping your other features defined but soft.

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