Q&A with Kate McCarthy: How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Q: Hi Kate! Do you  have any makeup tips for how to make my eyes look bigger?

Kate: Using makeup to make your eyes bigger is a lot easier than you think! For those of you out there who have small, close set (but still beautiful) eyes try following these tips:
1.       Apply Eye Shadow in bamboo or fawn to entire lid.
2.       With a darker shade make a > sign on the outer corner of your eye by placing half of the shade in the crease and half on the lash line. Be sure to keep the dark shadow on the outer corners of your eye.
3.       Use the Precision Eye Pencil in black  to line your upper and lower lash line keeping the liner on the outer corners only. The lower lash line should be very thin and tight on the lash line. For the upper lash line, start at center of your lid with a very thin line and as you bring the line to the outer corner make it a bit thicker.
4.       Use Lash Thickener and Conditioner on the outer corner of your upper and lower lashes followed by 2-3 layers of  Water Resistant Mascara on the outer lashes to make them really pop.
5.       Apply Highlighter or a highlight Eye Shadow like diamond into the inner corner of your eye.
6.       Fill in your brows using a Precision Brow Pencil by keep the thickest part of your brow (the part closest to your nose) lighter and the arch and tail darker

Do you see a theme here?!? Make sure to keep all of your accent colors on the outer corner of your eyes! The more attention you can pull to the outer corner the bigger your eyes will appear.

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