Friday, November 30, 2012

Ami Approved: Triple the Action Serum to The Rescue

Welcome the newest serum to glotherapeutics' core line - The Triple Action Serum! According to recent studies, hyperpigmentation is the leading characteristic that causes skin to look older than it really is. Even more so than wrinkling! But don’t worry, we can help! Winter is the perfect time to battle the fight against dark spots with the help of Triple Action Serum.

This wonder product gained its popularity as the best seller in the glo therapeutics’ advanced line and is now making its debut in the core line as well. With superhero ingredients like 1% Glycolic Acid for exfoliation, 2% Hydroquinone to lighten, 1% Retinol to assist with intracellular renewal and Algowhite to help remove hyperpigmented cells...I just can't get enough! Apply 3-4 pumps at night before bed for a beautiful complexion.

A serum that is this brightening, cell normalizing and exfoliating deserves a super hero cape and the stamp of Ami Approval!

* Note- it is recommended to take a 1-2 month break after using hydroquinone for 6 months. This product may be used twice daily. Reduce frequency if irritation occurs.
* Tip- Triple Action Serum is a wonderful spot treatment for hyperpigmentation as well! Apply to freckles, age spots, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (acne scarring), or melasma nightly.

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