Q&A with Kate: Finding Balance with a Bold Brow

Hi Kate: What are some of your tips for finding balance with a bold brow?

Kate: When it come to brows I think the most effective pairing is clean flawless skin, a lightly contoured  face, nude eyes and soft, matte lips (think Cindy Crawford from the 1990’s). Let’s start with your skin. Choose a foundation with medium to full coverage such as Pressed Base.  Don’t forget to start with Face Primer because you want your pores as minimal as possible.

Next comes contouring. Start by choosing a Pressed Base two shades darker than your actual tone. Use a fan brush to place powder under your cheekbones, jaw line, sides of your nose and your hairline. Then, using Eye Shadow in opal (or any flat, matte white or light flesh color), highlight the tip of your chin, bridge of your nose, cheekbones, and base of your forehead.

For a nude eye, use your Pressed Base and place it on your lid  from lash line to brow bone. Then use the same Pressed Base color you used to contour your face and place it in your crease. Use a Precision Eye Pencil in brown or black/brown and create a tight, close line on your upper lashes only. Then load your lashes up with Water Resistant Mascara. Finish your look with a soft pink or nude Blush such as paradise, nectar or hibiscus and a matte Lipstick such as blush or natural.

Now for the brows! Comb through them with a Spoolie Brush to remove any extra product that might be on the hair. Then, choose your right brow color. I recommend trying to match your natural hair color or one shade lighter (Not darker… let’s keep it bold yet natural!). I like using the Brow Powder Duo because you get a more controlled and richer fill. Next, using the Lash Thickener and Conditioner, brush lightly on the hairs only! Do not adhere any gel product to the skin under your brows. Then use Brow Gel in your color and apply  in a zig zag motion. Shape the brows using a clean spoolie while still tacky to the touch. Lastly, use the Precision Eye Pencil in peach to outline your brows. This subtle highlight will really make the brows pop!

There you have my favorite balance bold brow look! Enjoy!!

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