Traveling to Colombia

Our International Educator, Kristin Walker, recently traveled to Bogota, Colombia on behalf of glo therapeutics.  We asked Kristin a couple of questions about her trip and she was kind enough to share some of her experiences. 

gloProfessional: What was the purpose of your trip?
Kristin: To train the sales force for our new Colombian distributor and visit their office and warehouse. I also presented the glo therapeutics line to some of the dermatologists who will be carrying the products.

gloProfessional: Did you learn anything new about Colombian culture?
Kristin: I have always been a fan of Yucca for skin care (it’s in our Purifying Gel Cleanser) but it is also a  big part of the Colombian diet. They have Yucca bread which is delicious and is used in many of their traditional dishes.  Colombia is also known for its beautiful flowers which were everywhere.

gloProfessional: How does Colombia's culture compare to the United States when it comes to beauty and skin care products?
Kristin: It’s similar in many ways (of course I was in Bogota, which is a very large cosmopolitan city so things may be very different in other parts of the country). One thing that is different is that they have chains of  "skin stores."  These are in malls and retail areas, but are owned by dermatologists. They sell different brands of professional skin care, all of which the doctor's recommend.  People can walk in and buy most of the products, but some are "formula" or prescription only and the doctors send their patients there to pick up things like Retin A.  

gloProfessional: What was your favorite meal?
Kristin: I was treated to some really good meals. It was coincidental that two great restaurants we went to were La Casa (the house) and La Casa Vieja (The old house).  The Old House served traditional Colombian food and we ate many courses.  I loved the a dish called Ajiaco which was a creamy potato soup with chicken garnished with avocado and capers. But everything was delicious! The empanada appetizers were  one of my favorite things and the fruit there is exotic and plentiful.  I had a delicious fruit drink for lunch made out of a fruit called Guanabana.

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