Holiday Wishes from Kate McCarthy

This post was written by gloProfessional's National Makeup Artist, Kate McCarthy. 

Every year at this time things seem to speed up more than we can keep up. With holiday parties, plans with family and attempts to tie up loose ends before the year is over we can become more stressed than spirited.  We have SO much to do it seems that we often forget to take a second and observe what is really happening around us and think about what this time of year is really about.

Yes, we might be busier than usual but this is also the time of year we get to see loved ones we may not see often. We get to remember loved ones who are no longer here as well as surrounded ourselves by those who love US. While that probably sounds a little cheesy to some it’s true! After all, showing gratitude for others is the number one way to feel gratitude toward yourself (AKA self love). We as women are all too familiar with how difficult that simple thought can be to bring to fruition.  

It should be easy to look in the mirror and smile at yourself with gratitude and be thankful for what you have around you, who you have in your life and how far you have made it with your own personal goals. However, it’s easier said than done. As women strive for perfection, we are becoming harder and harder on ourselves in our effort  to be seen in such a tailored way. It makes it difficult to genuinely know or cherish who we really are.  

So this holiday season I propose that we make some December resolutions (think of it as a precursor to your new year’s resolution). I resolve to allow myself to be in the moment and feel genuinely grateful for all the wonderful people I am lucky enough to have in my life.  I also resolve to accept that the people who I am surrounded by are lucky to have ME in their lives because  showing gratitude for myself will help me show gratitude for others. After all, gratitude is beautiful and so are you!

What is your December resolution?