How to Pamper Yourself this Holiday Season

With all of the hustle and bustle that goes along with the holidays, it’s easy to forget to take time for yourself. That’s why we suggest penciling in some you time by scheduling a facial with your favorite glo therapeutics esthetician. Not only are professional facials a treat, but they help your skin recover from any added stress from the holiday season.

If a professional treatment doesn’t fit into your hectic schedule (or budget) then we suggest creating a spa at home with these six easy steps:

How to Pamper Yourself this Holiday Season

1) Create a relaxing atmosphere: Create the perfect oasis by drawing a hot bath, lighting your favorite candle (the mini travel candle in the Body Travel Collection is our favorite!), turning on some soothing music and using your most luxurious towels.
2) Give your hair some TLC: Start your at-home spa treatment with the Intense Recovery Conditioning Mask while you soak in the bath. The Clover and Peptides help strengthen and prevent breakage while providing an intense replenishment of vital moisture. Apply at the beginning because the longer you leave on the mask the stronger the benefits!
3) Apply a Luxurious Facial Mask: Show your skin some love by applying Conditioning Restorative Mask  and leaving it on for 5-10 minutes*. The antioxidants and Black Currant Seed Oil deeply hydrate your skin while improving elasticity and overall health.
4) Exfoliate: While your masks are setting in,  use a gentle body exfoliator such as Smoothing Salt Scrub or Sugar Body Polish to delicately polish and nourish dry skin.
5) Condition your skin: After finishing your bath, apply Body Butter to protect and provide your skin with vital moisture and essential oils to help heal and nourish your skin.
6) Moisturize and Protect: Lastly, apply Conditioning Restorative Cream to your face to give your delicate skin the moisture it needs while providing healing benefits**.

Don’t you feel more relaxed already? We hope you try it and remember to take some time for yourself this holiday season!

*Pick the mask that is best for your skin type. We also offer the Clear Refining Mask or
Soothing Gel Mask.
** Pick the moisturizer that is best suited for your skin type. Oil Free Moisturizer and Moisture Rich Cream are other options.

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