Kate McCarthy Guest Post: Highlighter vs. Bronzer

This post is by gloProfessional's National Makeup Artist, Kate McCarthy.

Here at glo, we have our Highlighter, Sheer Tint Illuminator, Brightener Highlight Concealer, Bronze in sunkiss and sunlight, Shimmer Brick in luster and gleam, Dust 24K in gold, bronze and silver,  Body Glisten and last but not least Body Bronzer. That may seem like a lot of products offering to do the same thing, but I promise there is a notable difference!  I thought now would be the perfect time to decode the difference between illuminating, highlighting, and bronzing by breaking down these products so you can find the best one to suit your needs.

Bronzer Highligher Illuminator

Highlighter: Use this over your liquid or powder foundation to highlight your cheekbones and brow bones. The pink undertone and shimmery finish (note I said shimmer not glitter) will give your cheekbones the appearance that they sit higher on your face, which gives an instant overall lift. I also like mixing this product in with lip gloss for added lip shimmer. This product is best for highlighting specific areas of your face; I would not suggest using this all over.
Brightener Highlight Concealer:  This concealer makes for a great soft, subtle highlight under your eyes or on the bridge of your nose. This products works by reflecting light and deposits a very sheer shimmer while also providing light coverage.  
Body Glisten: Body glisten is a bright yellow gold shimmer that is great for highlighting your collar bones, shoulders, and shins. Great to wear with a holiday cocktail party dress!

Bronze in sunkiss: This is our most popular bronzer!  It has two tones that add dimension to your face. The lighter shade has a slight shimmer which is perfect for applying on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the tip of your chin and forehead. The darker, more matte shade is best for contouring the hollows of your cheeks, jaw line, sides of nose and hair line. This gives you the perfect contoured and highlighted sun kissed look.
Bronze in sunlight:  Sunlight is a one tone bronzer with very slight shimmer. This is ideal for adding warmth to the entire face.
Shimmer Brick in luster: This multi-use beauty is great for adding a colorful bronze glo to the skin. Swirl all of the colors together with a powder brush and pop on the cheeks, or use individual triangles as eye shadows, blush or lip color. The pigment is sheer and has quite a bit of shimmer. Luster is ideal for those with medium/olive skin.
Body Bronzer:  This bronze is great for all over warmth and shimmer for the body. It’s perfect for adding a little color to your skin while looking completely natural.  

Sheer Tint Illuminator: This has a sheer formula with a slight pink undertone and iridescent peach light reflectors.  It does not have shimmer but is perfect for all over radiance. I love to mix this in with my Satin II Protective Liquid Foundation. You can also use this before applying liquid or powder foundation or just wear alone to give a nice, even glo to your skin. This is a great product for anyone who wants to put some oomph put back in their complexion.
Shimmer Brick in gleam:  This adds a shimmering pop of color to your cheeks, eyes, or lips. It’s great for subtle illumination and is more of a shimmer and blush combo. Plus, it
is great for any skin tone.
Dust 24K:  Whether you go with gold, silver or bronze, you will have made the right choice. Use this high intensity, fine particle glitter to add some sparkle to your eyes, cheeks, lips or body. You can also mix any color in with glo essentials style and define cream and pull through dry strands to add a pretty gleam to your hair. Perfect for any party!

Insider Tip: Set Body Bronzer and Body Glisten with a little bit of rubbing alcohol in a fine mist spray bottle. Hold at arm’s length and mist over the bronze or glisten. This will dry the product onto your skin and prevent transfer*.