Two Easy Holiday Hairstyles

In the spirit of the holidays we’ve put together two effortless hairstyles that are sure to get you through the season looking pretty! Each look was created using glo essentials styling products and are simple enough for anyone to try. Happy Holidays!  

Soft Side Braid
•  Prep hair by applying glō∙essentials Boost Hair Volumizer.  
•  Blast hair with a hairdryer to create texture and volume.
•  Sweep the hair over to one side.
•  Pull the hair into three different sections to start the loose braid.
•  Start to braid the hair, adding sections into the braid loosely to keep softness around the face.
•  Continue to braid to the end of the hair, keeping width and looseness.
•  You can use your fingers to create more width and texture to the braid if desired.
•  Spray with glō∙essentials Radiant Fix Hairspray in Firm Hold for extra control.

Holiday Half-Up
•  While your hair is damp, spray glō∙essentials Texture Styling Spray near the scalp.
•  Scrunch up the hair while doing so to create dimension.
•  Let hair air dry.
•  Take sections of hair and curl the strands using a curling wand.
•  Now take two small sections of hair that frame your face, and pull them backwards towards the crown of the head.
•  Individually, twist the two sections, and pin them against the back of the head.
•  Spray with glō∙essentials Radiant Fix Hairspray in Medium Hold for manageable hold.
•  Finish with a festive hair clip and your Half-up/Half-down Do is done.

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