Monday, March 26, 2012

The Sleek Blowout

1. Begin with freshly-washed hair. Clean hair will help your blowout last longer.
2. Blot hair with a towel to remove excess moisture. Don't rub as this will create frizz.
3. Apply Reparative Keratin Leave-In Treatment to hair from root to tips to create texture, seal the cuticle, and help protect hair from the heat. Do not rinse.
5. Follow with a small amount of Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil to help smooth hair.

6. Pin hair back with clips. Take out one section at a time to dry. Use a paddle brush or round brush to blow-dry.
7. Starting at the top of each hair section, point the nozzle of the blow dryer downward on the hair and dry down to the tips, smoothing down the cuticles. Repeat with each section.

8. Once hair is completely dry, set it with cool air. Apply a very small amount of Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil to the ends of the hair to keep it shiny and smooth.

Your blowout should last 2-3 days. If hair begins to feel greasy or limp, revitalize it with Re-energize Dry Shampoo

Learn more and order The Sleek Blowout Kit

Chewing Gum and Wrinkles

Rumor has it that the gum you keep permanently stashed in your purse is doing more than just refreshing your breath. If you tend to only pop a piece before puckering up or after a particularly pungent meal than you probably wouldn't notice the change. But if you're like the thousands of us who can't seem to go more than a few hours without asking friends for a stick, then chances are the damage is already being done. Got your attention? Well here's the scoop: although no official studies exist linking the two, some dermatologists believe chewing gum can cause wrinkles.

Think about it. You use a small group of muscles along your jaw line to chew, and just like the muscles in your arms and legs, the more you actively engage them, the stronger they become. But since the skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body, repetitive movements can cause its supportive tissue to break down. Weakened tissue means wrinkles skin, not to mention increased tension, and dislodged dermal fillers (Botox, Collagen, Restylane)

Quick Fix: Chew less gum for less time, and choose a facial moisturizer with collagen-boosting properties like glo therapeutics Vita E Essential Cream.

Drinking Straws and Wrinkles

Who would have thought something as minor as a drinking straw could be the next big thing in wrinkle prevention—and no we're not talking about an exotic do-it-yourself at-home beauty treatment. Instead, we're talking about how wrinkles are formed and avoiding the things that cause them like frequently pursing your lips.

When you drink through a straw, you press your lips together just as if you were smoking a cigarette (odd comparison, we know). The more you do it, the more you imprint little creases around your mouth. And if you happen to be in your thirties or above, you have less collagen to fill those creases up once they form resulting in wrinkles.

Now this doesn't mean you'll be forced to awkwardly munch on your milkshakes all summer long or risk permanent disfigurement. But it does mean that what you do is just as important as what you are (fair-skinned, mature, etc.) in treating the signs of aging.

Quick Fix: Nix the straw whenever possible, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! We suggest a product like glo therapeutics Pure Hydration because it's non-greasy formula goes a little bit deeper into the skin to give it the hydrators it really needs.

Squinting and Wrinkles

Whether you're trying to keep the sun out of your eyes or catch up on your new novel, your body reacts toward squinting the same way and that's by creating fine lines, "crow's feet" along the outer corner. The more you squint, the more pronounced they become.

Quick Fix: Wear sunglasses outdoors, double-check your lens prescriptions, and keep the delicate skin around your eyes hydrated with Vital Eye Cream

Smoking and Wrinkles

Everyone knows tobacco products can discolor the skin along your hands and lips, but fewer people know that it can make it difficult for it to bounce back—literally. That's because the chemicals found in cigarettes reduce the blood supply to the skin thereby decreasing collagen production. Collagen, a fibrous protein, is essential in keeping the skin soft, supple, and springy. So when your skin does develop a crease your body is less equipped to perk up.

Quick Fix: Reduce your intake of tobacco, and invest in products that strengthen skin cells like glo therapeutics Ultra 15% Vitamin C.

Sleep and Wrinkles

When it comes to aging and skin care, most people focus on fighting fine lines after they develop. But because wrinkles are caused by a combination of genetics, the environment (think sun exposure), and behavior, prevention is just as crucial. That said you might be surprised to know that some of the casual things you do each day could be affecting how you age gracefully.

Sleeping on your Side
Sleeping on your stomach or side might feel relaxing to you, but it can be traumatizing to your skin cells since they are thrust against your pillow. Lay on your back instead to take the pressure of and give your skin a well deserved rest. And don't forget to squeeze in a minimum of 7-8 hours a night to allow your body a chance to rejuvenate.

Quick Fix: Apply a retinol serum before hitting the sack like glo therapeutics Retinol CS. Since they make the skin more sensitive to UV light, these are perfect for night time.

Skin Care Tips for your 40s+

Once you reach midlife and menopause, your estrogen leavels are in steady decline. Estrogen is critical in maintaining the elasticity and moisture-retaining properties Oil production also decreases leading to dryness

Focus On...
Increasing hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Key Ingredients
Retinoids, alpha-hydroxy acids, peptides, antioxidants.

Product Recommendations
Conditioning Milk Cleanser
Renew Serum
Super Serum
15% Vitamin C
Eye Restore
Barrier Balm
Oil-Free SPF 40+

Skincare Tips for your 30s

During your 30s, cell renewal begins to decline causing uneven texture, dullness, and fine lines. Environmental factors and life habits (smoking, tanning, etc.) begin to manifest.

Focus on...
Increasing hydration, preventing wrinkles, avoiding environmental damage

Key Ingredients
Water, antioxidants

Product Recommendations
Purifying Gel Cleanser
Conditioning Tonic
Brightening Serum
10% Vitamin C
Advanced B5 Hydration
Eye Restore
Conditioning Restorative Mask
Oil-Free SPF 40+

Timeless Skin Care Tips

The official start of spring is only a few days away, and since the environment is a huge factor when it comes to skin, use this as an opportunity to revamp your skin care regimen.

While there are general guidelines everyone should follow, an effective regimen must be customized to your skin's particilar needs in order to achieve maximum results. Naturally, a vital factor in determining those needs is age, so stay tuned to find out where you fit and learn how to create a regimen that's simple and easy to remember. In the meantime, check out these timeless tips and visit for all your skin care needs!

  1. Wash your face twice a day using your hands to remove excess oils, dirt, and residue. Wash clothes and sponges are often too abrasive and can cause irritation.
  2. Exfoliate as needed to remove dead skin cells, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reveal your skin's radiance
  3. Follow up with a toner to purge and shrink pores.
  4. Apply moisturizer and a broad-spectrum sunscreen before heading outside.
  5. Use speciality treatments like masks and serums to ensure refinement and the delivery of cell-enhancing ingredients.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Find Your Perfect Red

Choose a berry red with blue undertones if....

You have pink or light peach undertones (cool skin)

You look better in silver

You would describe your skin as beige or cocoa

You have green, blue, hazel, or golden brown eyes
Choose a cherry red with orange undertones if....

You have yellow, peach, or olive undertones (warm skin)

You look better in gold

You would describe your skin golden, natural, honey, tawny, or chestnut

You have black, dark brown, or grey/steel blue eyes

97% of people actually have a warm (yellow, peach, or olive) complexion. Only 3% of the population has pink or cool complexions.

Rules are meant to be broken. Use these tips as a guideline, but feel free to rock your favorite shade.

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Bridal Makeup Don'ts

Our Facebook fans have spoken and they think these three things are the top bridal beauty don'ts. Do you agree?

Fake a Good Night's Sleep

Make sure you have these on hand to create the illusion of a good night's rest.

1. A quality moisturizer to plump up dehydrated skin
see glo therapeutics moisturizers

2. An anti-inflammatory eye cream reduce puffiness
Vital Eye Cream

3. A matte concealer to mask under-eye circles
Concealer - Under Eye

4. A skin highlighter with a light-reflecting formula to boost a lackluster complexion

5. A sparkly eye shadow or eyeliner applied to the lower lid to awaken tired eyes (see Thandie Newton on
glo minerals Eye Shadow & Precision Eye Pencil

Bonus: a refreshing mist to instantly awaken your senses throughout the day. Try Moist Hydration Mist if you like the smell of chamomile and geranium, or Revive Hydration Mist if you like peppermint and rosemary.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Nix Oily Skin by Spring

A luminous complexion is the ultimate spring and summer accessory because it radiates health, youth, and vitality—just ask Jennifer Lopez! So we know how frustrating it can be when the fresh face you had at breakfast looks like it's been sprinkled with bacon grease by lunch. And let's not forget the unpleasant slippery feeling (ick) that comes with it.

Whether you only get it during the warmer months or struggle with it all year, oily skin is a pest just as unpopular and ubiquitous as acne. It's caused by overactive sebaceous glands that secret a waxy substance called sebum which protects the skin. These glands lie just below the skin's surface and in clusters around the forehead, nose and chin. While you can't shut them off completely, you can tone them down enough to get your "glo" back—sans the shine!

1. Use a gentle cleanser that contains an acid like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or beta-hydroxy acid.

2. Avoid aggravating your skin with harsh chemicals or vigorous scrubbing which could trigger more oil production

3. Apply an astringent to tighten your pores Invest in medicated pads to break down excess sebum, balance the skin, and prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria

4. Work a clay mask into your skin care regimen. Clay absorbs oil, shrinks pores, and refine skin's texture

5. Don't skip out on moisture! All skin can benefit from an oil-free moisturizer.

6. Keep blotting papers nearby for a quick fix.

You can find everything you need at

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Break Essentials

Planning for a trip always involves a little bit of stress. You have travel arrangements to make, work to take off, and a dog to feed in your absence. Then there is the packing, or what we like to call, the stuffing-half-of-my-closet-in-my-suitcase-so-I-can-have-options ritual. While we can't help you simplify your wardrobe (because we're still working on ours!), we can help you simplify your makeup.

Since spring break is more dressed down than dolled up, you can get away with having these five things:

Compact Foundation to quickly even out your complexion
Pressed Base

Cream Blush to brighten your face
Cream Blush

Cream Eyeliner to create a natural daylook or sultry night look
Precise Micro Liner

Mascara to add definition to your eyes
Water Resistant Mascara

Tinted Lip Balm to moisturize, and highlight your pout
Liquid Lips

Bonus: They are all TSA compatible and fit nicely in your carry on!

Kate McCarthy serves up this "Ice Cream Sundae" spring look using our Limited Edition Floral Fantasy Collection
Included in the kit, is a Powder Cheek Stain, Precise Micro Eyeliner in brown, Lip Duo in bare, and Cleo Eye Shadow Quad*

*not sold separately

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to Wear this Spring's Hottest Colors

Green Eye Shadow Orange Lipstick Purple Eye Shadow
Green is the definition of spring. Replace your pale winter white eye shadow with this shade to instantly refresh your face. An added bonus is that green counteracts redness.
Just as eye-catching as red, but with an electric twist. Rub an orange gloss on your lips when wearing blue, or anytime you want to flaunt your individuality.
The perfect color to create a spring smokey eye without weighing your look down
Red Lipstick Nude Makeup Pink Lipstick
This color makes us think of cherry pies and Fourth of July picnics. Put it right on your pucker to go from so-so to whoa!
Bare skin never goes out of style. Enhance yours with a gloss, eye shadow, and blush similar to your complexion.
What's old is new again and this 80s color is no exception. Wear it during the day as a matte lipstick, or at night as a high shine gloss.

"No Makeup" Makeup

1.After moisturizing and cleansing your skin, apply Face Primer to fill in fine lines and large pores

2. Use a sheer-coverage foundation like Sheer Tint Base or Pressed Base to even out your skin tone without masking your natural flush

3. Cover up blemishes, scarring, hyperpigmentation, or other skin conditions with Camouflage*

4. Brighten and erase shadows using Brightener Highlight Concealer under your eyes, and the sides of your nose.

5. Highlight cheekbones and eyelids using Highlighter or Sheer Tint Illuminator

6. Finish your look with a swipe of Gloss in naked, and your choice of mascara.
*For more drastic skin discolorations like bruises, use the Corrective Camouflage Kit prior to your foundation

How to Use Corrective Concealer

Almost everyone can benefit from using a corrective concealer at some point. It neutralizes, and conceal skin discolorations that are tough to hide using foundation alone. But present someone with a lavender paste and very few will know what to do with it. That's why we've come up with this simple guide. Evaluate your skin, grab a Camouflage Brush or Precision Camouflage Brush, and get ready to apply

Use yellow to conceal mild redness, pink skin, under-eye circles, dark spots, and black , blue and purple bruises

Use lavendar to conceal yellow, gray, and green bruises, sallow complexions, and under-eye circles on deeper skin tones.

Use mint to conceal redness from blemishes, scars, Port Wine stains, rosacea, and red blotches

Use neutral to conceal general skin imperfections, minor acne and under-eye circles

Six Bridal Beauty Must-Haves

“The key to avoiding wedding day beauty emergencies is planning ahead” explains the bridal beauty experts from the We couldn’t agree more! Be sure to pack these six beauty essentials in a small makeup bag that can be easily accessed in between the ceremony, pictures and the reception:

2. Moist Hydration Mist - The perfect pick me up after a ceremony in the sun or a dance marathon, Moist Hydration mist is a must-have to feel refreshed and renewed.
3. Extra Lip Product - Whether you pick a nude or a red lip remember to keep an extra lip color handy to avoid fading throughout the day.
5. Luxury Hand Cream - Between holding hands with your new hubby, carrying your bouquet and shaking hands with guests at your reception- your hands can go through a lot on your wedding day! Keep them soft and moisturized with Luxury Hand Cream.
don’t forget to apply SPF throughout the day!

How Often to Wash Your Hair

It's no surprise that approximately 93% of the U.S. population wash their hair daily. After all, shampoo smells great, feels great, and makes your hair look great—and you can never have too many good hair days. Although what shampooing once a day (or more) can also make you have is worn out strands.

Think about it: hair grows on average half an inch a month and the longer your hair is, the more time it has spent being exposed to the elements and your styling preferences making it incredibly delicate. And the more you wash it, the more you are stripping away its natural oils that act as a barrier against damage.

That's not to say that you should stop soaping up because waiting too long between washes can be just as problematic. When oils are left on the scalp for long periods of time mixed with styling products and environmental residue, it can create the perfect setting for more serious skin concerns like clogged pores, inflammation, and irritation.

To find your perfect schedule, pay attention to your hairs' needs. If your hair is on the dry side, stick to washing every other day or a few times a week. But if your hair is oily, you might need to wash more often. To help you hold out, try using a dry shampoo on the days you don't wash, shampooing just your scalp, or alternating between shampooing and rinsing with conditioner.

Try glo essentials Re-Energize Dry Shampoo in brunette or colorless

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Spa Treatments of the Stars

Award season is in full swing and everyone wants to know what it took to make favorite celebrities red carpet ready. Of course there are the stylists, makeup artists, nutritionists, and personal trainers. Though you might be surprised to know it could be something a little more exotic that's giving a certain starlet her otherworldly glow. Have you heard of these unique spa treatments, and more importantly, would you try them?

24-Karat Gold Facial
Price: approximately $475
Why settle for gold earrings or a necklace when you can cover your entire face in it? Spas around the country are starting to offer facials featuring the precious metal that is said to have anti-aging properties. The gold is broken down, applied to the face like a mask, and allowed to sit so its firming and hydrating benefits can sink in.

Evian Bath
Price: approximately $5,000-$6000
For the price of a small used vehicle, you can treat yourself to a luxurious bath filled with 1,000 bottles of Evian water sprinkled with rose petals. Tennis star Serena Williams has tried it said that she "could feel the difference from the moment [she] stepped in," because "the water felt so pure." The treatment is only available to guests staying at the Penthouse.

Leech Therapy
Price: approximately $600
Do leeches sucking your blood sound like a detoxifying experience? If you're actress Demi Moore, than it does. Moore reportedly signed up for a purifying treatment that included being covered in FDA-regulated, medical leeches. The leeches are left on until they are full and fall off and are said to reduce inflammation and increase circulation.

Price: unknown
Cupping was introduced to the mainstream in 2004 when Gwyneth Paltrow walked a red carpet with mysterious circle-shaped bruises aligning her back. As it turns out, they were the result of cupping, a form of ancient Chinese acupuncture that involves igniting a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, swirling the flame in a plastic or glass cup, and quickly placing the cup on the skin. Within seconds, the skin swells as a sign of increased circulation. What the skin also does is tend to bruise and discolor post-treatment. Watch how it's done.

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Exfoliating Do's and Don'ts

Now's the perfect time to incorporate an exfoliant into your skin care regimen if you haven't already because the seasons aren't the only thing that's transitioning. For example, you might have struggled with dryness on your cheeks around Christmas, but come April Fools' your T-zone is an oil slick. And then there are those days in between when you never know what you're going to wake up to. Nevertheless, one thing that remains constant is the need to remove dead skin cells which tend to build up during the colder months.

The next time you whip out your loofah or facial scrub, remember these tips:

DON'T scrub too hard or you risk breaking the skin.

DON'T exfoliate immediately after waxing or after a chemical peel.DO pick an exfoliant that's appropriate for your skin type and the area you are targeting. Scrubbing your face? Use a wash with crushed apricot kernels and almond shells or one with micro-beads for sensitive skin. Scrubbing your body? Salt and sugar combined with oils nurture rough spots like elbows and knees. And only break out the pumice stone if you're targeting your feet.

DO use sunscreen after as skin can be more sensitive to UV exposure.

DO listen to your skin. If it's dry, irritated, red, sunburned, or broken, skip the scrub.

DO try glo therapeutics Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub for face, and Smoothing Salt Scrub for body.
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