Friday, September 28, 2012

Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and gloProfessional is proud to partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help raise awareness and support the millions of people affected by breast cancer. For a limited time, purchase the Special Edition Eye Shadow Trio in wildbloom and a portion of its sales will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Special Edition Eye Shadow Trio in wildbloom is perfectly complete with coordinated highlight, base and contour shades. These pretty shades contain glo minerals’ exclusive antioxidant blend of Vitamin A, C, E and Green Tea Extract. Go pink and support the National Breast Cancer Foundation with your generous purchase. 

The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission is to extend women’s lives through education and early detection. Read more about their mission here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Q&A with Kate: Proper Way to Use Under Eye Concealer

Q: Hi Kate! What is the best way utilize concealers and makeup without accentuating the crepe skin underneath your eyes?

-Roena via Facebook

Kate: Thanks, Roena! I get this question a lot!  One of the best things about mineral makeup is that a little can go a long way. That being said, I often notice that if you use too much of a product it actually can have an adverse effect! So the number one thing to remember when using mineral makeup is that less is more. Next time you apply your makeup, pay attention to how heavy your touch is and how much product you’re getting on your brushes.  Chances are you are using too much!

I love using the Texture Eye Brush and Moist Hydration Mist when I apply my Concealer Under Eye because my eyes always tend to be dry. After applying my foundation (remember that less is more! Use a pea size amount for liquids, about 3-4 swirls for pressed base, one dip for loose base), I mist my Texture Eye Brush with Moist Hydration Mist to add a bit more hydration. Then I give a quick dip into my Concealer Under Eye and apply using feathered strokes. Again, a little bit goes a long way. Your brush should not be saturated with product; it should have just a smidge of product on the tip. Follow with a spritz of Moist Hydration Mist because minerals love hydration, so the more hydrated your skin the better.

Another quick tip: Be sure you are using glo minerals Concealer Under Eye (not Camouflage Oil Free). Concealer Under Eye It is specially formulated for the delicate under eye area.

Best Skin Care Products for Dry and Dehydrated Skin

If your skin type is Dry or Dehydrated glo therapeutics recommends the following products to increase moisture retention and improve skin’s overall condition:

1) Conditioning Milk Cleanser
2) Conditioning Tonic
3) Moisture Rich Cream
4) Oil Free SPF 40 Sunscreen
5) Skin Firming Cream
6) Tretinol 0.5%
7) Ultra 15% Vitamin C and Advanced B5 Hydration
8) Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream

Click here for more information on glo therapeutics’ dermatologist recommended products.  

Best Products for Dry Skin

Best Skin Care Products for Normal to Dry Skin

For those of you with normal to dry skin, glo therapeutics has excellent options specifically tailored to improve your skin’s condition:

1) Hydrating Gel Cleanser
2) Conditioning Tonic
3) Conditioning Hydration Cream
4) Vita E Essential Cream
5) Oil Free SPF 40 Sunscreen
6) Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub
7) Ultra 15% Vitamin C and Advanced B5 Hydration
8) Vital Eye Cream

Click here for more information on glo therapeutics’ dermatologist recommended products.  

Best products for normal to dry skin

Best Skin Care Products for Normal to Combination Skin

If you have normal to combination skin, glo therapeutics has several skin care products specifically formulated to balance and improved the condition of your skin: :

1) Purifying Gel Cleanser
2) Purifying Tonic
3) Oil Free Moisturizer or Conditioning Hydration Cream
4) Oil Free SPF 40+ Sunscreen
5) 15% Vitamin C and B5 Hydration
6) Retinol CS
7) Eye Restore

Click here for more information on glo therapeutics’ dermatologist recommended products.  

Best products for Combo Skin glo therapeutics

Best Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

For those of you with oily skin, we recommend the following products which are specifically formulated to reduce, prevent and control oily skin :

1) Purifying Gel Cleanser
2) Purifying Tonic
3) Purifying Oil Control Emulsion or Oil Free Moisturizer
4) Oil Free SPF 40+ Sunscreen
5) Pure Hydration
6) Renew Serum
7) Clear Refining Mask
8) 10% Vitamin C and B5 Hydration

Click here for more information on glo therapeutics’ dermatologist recommended products.  

Best Products for Oily Skin

Best Skin Care Products for Acne Prone and Congested Skin

glo therapeutics recommends the following products for acne prone or congested skin:

1) Clear Acne Cleanser
2) Clear Anti-Blemish Cleanser
3) Purifying Tonic
4) Purifying Oil Control Emulsion
5) Oil Free Moisturizer
6) Renew Serum
7) Oil Free SPF 40 Sunscreen
8) Refining Mask
9) Clear Complexion Pads

Click here for more information on glo therapeutics’ dermatologist recommended products.

Best Products for Acne glo therapeautics

Product Review: Ultra 15% Vitamin C

If you are looking for a product to transform the appearance of your skin, glo therapeutics Ultra 15% Vitamin C is it! Ultra 15% Vitamin C’s boasts a cutting-edge blend of peptides and antioxidants that repair and strengthen skin cells. Check out the clinical study results from one of Ultra 15% Vitamin C’s key ingredients, Inyline, below.  In only 28 days, participants in a clinical study found a 14.9% decrease in wrinkle depth. Apply Ultra 15% Vitamin C in the morning on dry, clean skin to visibly transform your skin's clarity while protecting your skin against free radical damage.

Vitamin C Skin Study

What others have to say

“Every morning I use the Vitamin C, then B5, followed by my moisturizer. It has really changed my skin for the better. It’s more youthful looking.” - Jennifer, Online Review

“Changed my life!” - Jennifer, Pinterest

Vitamin C Skin serum

Monday, September 24, 2012

Four Easy Ways to Shorten Your Beauty Routine

Whether your mornings are spent chasing kids around before school or hitting the snooze button one too many times, everyone can benefit from a speedier beauty routine. If you are looking for easy ways to shorten your beauty regimen we suggest following these four simple steps.

1) Use Multi-Purpose Products:
Using products that have multiple uses can save you valuable time in the morning or when you are on the go. Using glo minerals Tint for Cheeks and Lips gives you just the right amount of flush to your cheeks and a perfectly rosy pout. The Shimmer Brick is another functional time saver that can work as a bronzer, highlighter and eye shadow. We also love glo therapeutics SPF 40 Facial Moisturizer when short on time. Not only does it protect your skin from the sun but this moisturizer can double as a subtle illuminator when worn under makeup.

Multi-Tasking Beauty Products

2) Strive Towards Clear Skin:
One of the best ways to reduce time spent on your beauty routine is to simply put on less makeup. When your skin is in clear and free from blemishes it’s easier to cut down on time consuming application steps. To get gorgeous blemish free skin try glo therapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser, Brightening Polish and Renew Serum

Strive for clear skin

3) Stay Organized:
It’s amazing what keeping your space clean and organized can do for your daily routine. Keep all of your brushes clean and in one specific spot (for ideas on pretty brush holders take a look at this post!). You will spend less time searching for your favorite products and more time looking gorgeous.

makeup brush organization

4) Practice Makes Perfect:
Find a routine that works for you and practice it until it becomes second nature. Once you find what products and techniques work best for your skin type, your beauty routine will become short, simple and efficient.

Practice You Beauty Routine

New Instagram Photo Contest: Glo on the Go!

Do you keep a Revive Hydration Mist on your desk? glo minerals Gloss in your purse? SPF 40 Facial Moisturizer in your car? Enter our first Instagram competition and tell us where you take glo on the go!

1) Follow @gloProfessional on Instagram.

2) Snap a picture of where you keep your gloProfessional products when you're on the go!

3) Tag #ontheglo @gloProfessional.

4) Winning pictures will be announced on Twitter and Tumblr on October 1, 2012. Five winners will receive a deluxe travel sized product of their choice! Once winners are announced they will have 24 hours to email with their product choice.

Here are some examples from the ladies around the office:

  Instagram photo competition  

Complete Rules:
Must follow @gloProfessional to be eligible for prize.
US Residents only but we still LOVE seeing all of of the photos from our international friends!
You may take multiple photos.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Makeup Bag Makeover: Budget $200

With a $200 budget your makeup bag makeover options are endless but here are our top picks to complete the ultimate update. Give your skin a luminous glow with Sheer Tint Illuminator. Apply this sheer, light reflecting formula underneath your foundation for a subtle highlight. Complete your flawless foundation application with a new fan favorite, Under Eye Primer ($24).  Perfect for filling in any fine lines with light-reflective pigments to soften the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. To add some fun to your routine try our Shimmer Brick ($32). This multi-functional product adds luminescence when applied as a bronzer but can also be used as an eyeshadow or highlighter.

If you are looking to add a basic Eye Shadow Trio ($30) to your look you can’t go wrong with the lovely hues found in coffee. Complete with a base, contour and highlight shade in universally flattering colors this trio will soon become a favorite beauty routine staple. Apply with the Eye Contour Brush ($9.00) for added control and precision when contouring for increased depth. Add Water Resistant Mascara ($19.50) to add definition to eyes with a water resistant, lengthening, volumizing formulation that delivers high intensity color! Complete your look with Royal Lip Crayon in empress rose ($16). With  the precision of a pencil and the moisture of a sheer gloss, the Royal Lip Crayon is a welcome addition to any makeup bag. Lastly, add a staple brush that can be used for multiple applications such as the Ultra Brush ($37). Ideal for applying base, bronzer, and powder, this brush is sure to be used daily! Coming in at under $200, these products will make over your beauty bag and provide endless options for beautiful fall looks! 

Beauty Bag makeover $200

How-to Video Exclusive: Applying Bronzer

How to Apply Bronzer

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beauty Bag Makeover: Budget $100

With a beauty budget of $100 there is a little more room to get adventurous and try products that will add extra mileage to your beauty bag. We love Perfect Lip Duos ($19) because they combine our favorite gloss and lipstick shades within one easy to use product.  Use separately or layer for a lovely, multidimensional look. If you are a fan of our How To Videos you know how much our makeup artist, Kate, loves Eye Shadow in bamboo. This versatile shade can be used as a stand alone base when you are in a hurry or combine it with darker hues to create perfectly contoured eyes.  Add Blush Duo ($27.50) in petunia for two gorgeous blush options that can work together or separately to contour your cheeks for the perfect rosy glow. To round out your beauty bag update, we suggest trying our Sheer Tint Base (33.50). If you are a fan of our other foundations this will be a loveable update.  This lightweight  base delicately covers flaws while providing skin with a sheer, healthy glow that’s perfect for days when you don’t need full coverage. These four standout products add up to just under $100 so you’ll stay within budget and love your new beauty options!

Beauty Budget $100

Q&A with Kate: How to Keep Eyeliner from Running

Beauty Questions

Q: Hi Kate! How do you keep your eyeliner from running at the corners and underneath your eyes?
- Donna via Facebook

Kate: Thanks for  your question, Donna! Eyeliner can often travel to places where it shouldn’t but there are a few easy steps you can take to prevent this from happening.  If you have oily eyelids start with glo minerals Lid Primer then apply Perfecting Powder on top of the primer. Next, apply your liner followed by another layer of Perfecting Powder on top. Because it’s translucent, the powder will not affect the color or depth or your liner. Follow the same steps when applying liner to your lower lash line. Start by using Under Eye Primer then use the Smudge Brush to add a thin line of Perfecting Powder only where your liner is going to be.  Apply your liner then set it with another layer of Perfecting Powder and it should stay put!

If you don’t have oily eyelids, but you still have a problem with running liner, make sure to try different formulas to see which adheres to your skin the best. A lot of times I find that cake liner (eye shadow used as a liner) has long lasting staying power. I like using Eye Shadow in sable with a wet Eyeliner Brush.  Also try applying Cream Eyeliner, Precision Eye Pencil or Liquid Liner  then apply Eye Shadow in sable  or kona (whatever shadow matches the color of your liner) with flat Eyeliner Brush. The powder will help keep the traditional eyeliner in place.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beauty Bag Makeover: Budget $50

Updating your beauty bag with a budget of $50 has never been easier! We recommend picking products that serve multiple purposes to help stretch every penny of your budget. Cream Colour for Cheeks and Lips ($14.50) has a weightless, silky formula that adds natural luminescence to cheeks and lips. This two-in-one product is a staff favorites because it’s easy to apply and makes a noticeable impact! Another product with multiple uses is the Precision Eye Pencil in peach ($16.00). Line the inner rim of your eye with the pencil to brighten your eyes and line the outer edges of the lip line to cover redness and prevent lip color from feathering. Also doing double duty is the Brightener Highlight Concealer ($16.50). Perfect for covering dark undereye circles, this product is a must-have for waking up tired eyes. It can also be used as a highlighter to add gorgeous highlights to cheekbones. These three multi-purpose products will add endless options to your beauty routine for only $47! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Product Review: Conditioning Hydration Cream

glo therapeutics Conditioning Hydration Cream is a dream product for anyone needing extra hydration and moisture to help strengthen dry or aging skin. The rich blend of antioxidants and Collagen help enhance elasticity while fortifying dry, aging and sensitive skin. Conditioning Hydration Cream is perfect as a stand alone moisturizer or apply after Ultra 15% Vitamin C for added moisture and anti-aging benefits.

Conditioning Hydration Cream Product Review 

Here’s what others have to say about this top-selling product:

I love this moisturizer. It feels great and never oily like many I've tried. I know this will sound corny but it's like my skins best friend. They just feel perfect together.” - Tanja, Online Review

“I purchased the Conditioning Hydration Cream after a great experience at the spa. I like simple, natural creams. This product feels so natural and blends in without shine. I can use it before applying makeup or after cleansing at night. Since it lasts for several months, it is a great value!” - Sandy, Online Review

“I have tried many moisturizers in the past and nothing compares to this product. I have combo skin and this product provides excellent hydration to the drier areas of my skin without making other areas too oily.” Caroline, Online Review

“This is the best moisturizer that I have used in a really long time. I've used all the expensive moisturizers from all the makeup counters at department stores and those don't compare! This one keeps my face moist throughout the day and night and leaves my skin feeling so good and fresh. And it helps to keep my skin clear of blemishes. Use with the gloConditioning Milk Cleanser face wash and your skin will feel fabulous.” - Leslie, Online Review

Beauty Bag Makeover: Budget $25

Fall is the perfect time of year to spice things up! Whether that means a new hairstyle, trying a new fashion trend or giving your makeup bag an overdue update, fall is the ideal time to get creative. This week we will feature our top picks to help make over your beauty bag on any budget!

When shopping on a budget, look for products that do double duty or enhance products you already have. Tint for Cheeks and Lips ($14.50) is a great choice for ladies who are looking for two products in one. The universally-flattering tint gives all skin tones just the right amount of rosy. Dab a bit onto fingers and apply to cheeks in quick circular motions then apply to your lips as you would a gloss. The Eye Definer Brush ($8.00) is an inexpensive update that can make a noticeable difference in your eye shadow application. This brush is perfect for adding new dimension to the glo minerals Eye Shadows you already have. It can also serve as a beautiful highlighter. At $22.50 for both products you can come in under your $25 budget and update your beauty routine!

Beauty Budget Under $25
For more information on glo minerals' clinical mineral makeup click here

Quotes We Love: Sophia Loren

Here’s an inspirational quote from Sophia Loren to jump start a fabulous week!

Sophia Loren Quote

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