Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Creating Balance with a Bold Lip

Your lips give your thoughts a voice, and the bolder they are the better we hear you! As always, a delicate balance is needed when rocking a bold lip. Last week we talked about creating balance for an all over bold look. Now let’s look at finding balance when you want to have one bold feature.

If you are feeling sassy and want the world to hear your voice then perk up those puckers with some Lipstick in vixen topped with Gloss in poppy. Go even bolder by using a Precision Eye Pencil in  black or brown (yep, that’s right) to fill in your lips and top with Lipstick in aubergine, bordeaux or cabaret.  

To find balance with a bold, dark lip remember that you want the attention to go to your mouth first, so avoid adding anything else on your face that might compete with the lip color. I like a soft color wash on the lid. A color wash is one color used from lashline to brow bone.  I like Eye Shadow in twinkle, lilac, sand pebble, or haze.  Next add a thin black line on top and bottom lashlines with Precise Micro Eyeliner. Follow with a few coats of Water Resistant Mascara, and lightly filled in brows. Keep the cheeks nude with Blush in nectar, innocent, or bare and keep the placement from the apples to the temple.

For a bright, vibrant bold lip, try pairing Lipstick in vixen and Liquid Lips in romance. First apply two layers of vixen on your bottom lip only and then apply romance on your top lip. Blend by blotting lips together to create a hot pink hue that is to die for! I also love a bright pastel year round! Try mixing Sheer Lipstick in bora bora, a dab of Concealer Under Eye in golden and Eye Shadow in lilac on the back of your hand then apply with a Lip Definer Brush.

With a bright bold lip I like to keep the rest of the look basic. Think back to when you first learned how to apply eye shadow. Most of you probably learned these basic steps: 1. Base color 2. Crease color, 3. Highlight color. I like this basic application when working with a bright, bold lip. Keep the colors light and simple and use Eye Shadow in bamboo or diamond on the lid, twig or dusk in the crease, and sand pebble, fawn, or haze as the highlight. Add liner on your top lash line, and a soft taupe shade on the lower lash line. For a brighter lip, add dimension with a bolder brow to frame the face. Pick a soft pink or peach for your cheeks, I like Blush in bellini, sweet, or terra cotta.

There you go! These are some very simple tips on keeping balance when working with a bright or dark bold lip! Remember, you want the eye to be drawn to the lips first so focus on keeping your other features defined but soft.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guest Post: Kate McCarthy Loves Halloween!

This post was written by glo minerals' National Makeup Artist, Kate McCarthy.

Ever since I was a young little thing I have loved Halloween for many reasons. The best part, of course, was getting a pillow case chalk full of candy by the end of the night (with the exception of that one house that gave out pennies). On October 1st my mother would ask me the question I looked forward to all year “What do you want to be for Halloween?” The thought of transforming into mini mouse, a dragon or a dalmatian was so exciting and the possibilities were endless.

Now a day I decide my Halloween costume well in advance (I honestly start planning in May).  Since I always prefer to make my own costume, I have to pick a theme, or character, and begin to look for my materials early. Looking back I can say that I have been able to be so many wonderful things… Holly Golightly, Twiggy, Two Face and even a Luche Libre.  This year I dressed up as part of the legendary hip hop group Run DMC.  How do I come up with these ideas? I write down about 10 different ideas on separate pieces of paper and pick from a hat (for real)!  The element of surprise is fun, and then the challenge of making it all happen is even better!

I think the main reason I love Halloween is the opportunity to become a completely different person or thing for one day knowing that there will be NO JUDGMENT! You want to be a vampire? Go for it! Ninja? Why not! Halloween is a makeup artist's dream holiday! This year I worked on a number of zombies, sugar skulls, a few peacocks, and even a lost boy. So this Halloween grab yourself a pumpkin flavored something and get to work! If you are feeling uninspired this year, check out some ideas we came up with here in the office!

Kate McCarthy Halloween Costumes

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3. ELIGIBILITY: Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia as well as Canada. who are 21 years of age or older.

Looks We Love: Enjoying the Fall

Is it just us or does it seem like October flew by? We hope you enjoy the last couple of weeks of crisp fall weather before winter hits with full force by trying these fun outdoor fall activities.  These autumn outings give us the perfect excuse to wear this season’s cutest outerwear with gorgeous fall makeup.

Pumpkin Patch
Taking a trip to a local pumpkin patch is the quintessential fall activity and one that the whole family will enjoy. Pair a rich orange jacket with brown boots and a messenger bag for a look that is comfy, warm and casual. Add some fall fun to your makeup with Eye Shadow Trio in sweet ‘n’ spicy and Liquid Lips in darling.

Cheering for your Alma Mater or favorite professional sports team is an all-American fall tradition. Look cute and stay warm while enjoying hot cocoa, hamburgers and friends before the big game. Remember, you still need to protect you skin from damaging UV rays even when the sun isn’t shining bright,. Always remember to apply Oil Free SPF 40+ when spending time outside and keep your lips moisturized and protected with The Mint Balm.  

Apple Picking:
Late fall is the perfect time for picking apples with your family. Orchards are usually open to the public through mid November so throw on a comfy plaid coat, add some boots and pick some delicious apples. Keep your eyes neutral with Eye Shadow Trio in sandstone but add a pop of color with Sheer Lipstick in jamacia for a gorgeous fall face.

Inspiration for Looks:
Pumpkin Patch-
Apple Picking- 
Boots:  madisonharding

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Candy and Your Skin

Halloween is fast approaching which means many of you are stocking up on sweet treats to hand out to all of the adorable trick-or-treaters. But how many mini-snickers go into your candy stash instead of into the kiddo's bags? We believe everyone deserve a treat every now and then; however, eating excess sugar isn’t just detrimental to your waistline but also to your skin.  

Research shows that excess sugar molecules can attach to collagen and elastin fibers in our skin which causes skin to become hard, fragile and prone to damage. Overtime this can lead to  less elasticity which causes wrinkles and fine lines.

Since the first step to youthful and radiant skin is prevention, we suggest examining your diet and reducing your sugar intake to help keep your skin’s elasticity in tact. So unless you can really stop after just one peanut butter cup (and who really has that much self control?), it might be best to keep the candy you keep to a minimum.

Halloween How-To: Sandy from Grease

“We go together like like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong!” It’s alright, we know that  you can sing every word to every song from Grease! That’s why we think dressing up as the goody goody gone glam, Sandy, sounds like a ton of fun! Below are our tips for recreating Sandy’s look for Halloween.

Sandy Makeup:
Sandy From Grease Makeup Tutorial

Start by layering Sheer Tint Base and Pressed Base and then follow these steps:
1) Place Eye Shadow in opal all over your lid from lash line to crease.
2) Using the Mini Crease Brush, place Eye Shadow in sable on the outer corner of your lower lash line then wing it out and pull it into your crease.
3) Blend Eye Shadow in silver mist inside the outer corner of the wing you just created.
4) Blend Eye Shadow in linen onto the ball of your lid and blend onto lower lash line.
5) Load upper and lower lashes with Water Resistant Mascara.
6) Fill in your brows with a Precision Eye Pencil.
7) Use Blush in begonia to contour by placing in the hollows of your cheeks.
8) Apply Gloss in poppy.

Sandy Costume:

Sandy From Grease Halloween Costume

Inspiration for this look:
Black Top:
Leather Jacket:
Black Cigarette Pants:
Red Shoes:
Gold Hoops:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't Be Afraid!

With spooky corn mazes, haunted houses and terrifying horror movies, the fall is full of things that scare us silly! One thing that should never scare you is trying a new beauty trend! If you have dreamed of trying a bold new color or style, we say go for it! Here are some of the products that you should try and a few helpful tips that take the fear out of experimenting with your beauty routine.

Bright Blush: Don’t let the brightness of our gorgeous Cream Blush colors scare you! Both plumeria and guava are surprisingly easy to wear and look great on all complexions. Applied correctly, these bright blushes can add life to your face. The key is to use sparingly and blend thoroughly using the  Cream Blush Brush.

Rich Eye Shadow Pigments: Try mixing bold Eye Shadow colors that you would normally shy away from with colors you are comfortable with. Mermaid, ocean, and eggplant are all beautiful shades that can add depth and drama to your look . Our makeup artist, Ami, blended ocean  with earth tones to create this gorgeous look that is unexpected but still elegant and wearable. 

Colorful Eyeliner: Using jewel tone eye pencils to line the upper and lower lashline is a striking technique that really makes your eyes pop. We love Precision Eye Pencil in plum,  twilight and deep olive which can add incredible dimension and bring out the color of your eyes.

Bold Cat Eye:
Kate McCarthy takes the guesswork out of creating the perfect cat eye in this easy to follow video exclusive. Still unsure if you are ready for the full look? The ‘kitten eye” follows the same steps but the wing is slightly shorter but still impactful.

Insider Tip: Wear your new look around your house while working, cleaning, cooking or relaxing for a couple days before you debut your bold new look in public.

Always remember that makeup should be fun and help you express who you are. So have fun, experiment and don’t be afraid!

Product Review: Purifying Gel Cleanser

Help purify, protect and soothe skin without stripping away essential moisture with glo therapeutics Purifying Gel Cleanser. This unique product cleans your skin without removing your skin’s natural moisture which is crucial for healthy, vibrant skin. The Purifying Gel Cleanser is perfect for anyone with oily, combination, acneic, congested or unbalanced skin because it contains Salicylic Acid to deeply clean pores and fight blemishes. With antioxidants and Yucca Saponins Extract to soothe skin and increase cell renewal, your skin will feel clean, refreshed and smooth after each use.

Purifying Gel Cleanser glo therapeutics

What others have to say:

“The cleanser is a life-saver. It is the only product that keeps my acne-prone skin consistently clear!” Nicole, online review

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Finding Balance with Bold Colors

Q&A with Kate McCarthy

Q: Hi Kate! I love experimenting with bold trends but how do I keep my look balanced and avoid looking overdone?

Kate: Trying new looks can be intimidating. With all of the intense colors that are popular right now, and the bold trends that go with them, it can be hard to create a balanced look! In the next few weeks I will tell you how to find and keep balance with this season’s best trends and colors!

What to pair with this season’s popular jewel toned smokey eye? Well, on the runway the smoky eye is paired with equally intense lips and cheeks... Sounds scary, right? This is completely wearable with the right application.

After applying your smoky eye (might I suggest the Limited Edition Eye Shadow Quad in glam from our Deluxe Holiday Kit), choose a blush in a bright shade and place it on the side of your cheekbones. I love Cream Blush in plumeria or guava or Blush in begonia.  Keep the blush close to your temple and side hairline while keeping the apples of your cheeks clean. Then try mixing Gloss in poppy with Lipstick in cabaret or Gloss in plum glaze with Lipstick in aubergine.

All of these colors are super bold, but the blush placement is what keeps the look balanced. Instead of drawing attention to the center of your face first by placing blush on the apples of the cheeks, which would be a little overwhelming to take in, the eye is drawn first to the eyes, then the cheeks, followed by lips. The 'diamond' shape you created is what gives this bold look perfect balance.

Makeup Finding Balance with Bold Colors

Product Review: Eye Restore

The skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate skin on your entire body so it’s no wonder there are hundreds of beauty products on the market dedicated to this area. If you are looking for a great product to reduce under eye wrinkles and puffiness we happily recommend Eye Restore. At only $25 this affordable and effective product is a favorite at the gloProfessional office and a consistent best seller.

In addition to helping restore skin’s texture and reduce fine lines, it’s also a great product for preventing wrinkles. Eye Restore works best when a small amount is applied to clean skin around the eye in the morning and evening. The lightweight formula also makes this a great product to wear under makeup.

This has got to be one of my all time favorite face products! I use it in the morning because of its light consistency before I apply my makeup and it keeps my eyes fresh, de-puffed and the wrinkles at a minimum. You just can't go wrong with this product.” - Helen Marie, Online Review

Do you have a review for  glo therapeutics Eye Restore? Leave it in the comments below or write a review on our website!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween How-To: Holly Golightly

There’s something magical about Audrey Hepburn in her iconic role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Her elegant yet girlish charm comes to life through her eclectic fashion and beauty choices.  Recreating her famous look is surprisingly simple with some basics from your closet and your favorite glo minerals makeup products.

Holly Golightly Makeup:

Holly Golightly Makeup Tutorial

After applying Pressed Base to achieve full coverage, follow these steps:
1) Draw a thick line with the Precision Eye Pencil in brown on your upper lash line.
2) Place Eye Shadow in kona on top of liner and blend to right below your crease.
3) Using the Eye Blender Brush, blend Eye Shadow in twig into your crease.
4) Highlight your brow bone with Eye Shadow in diamond.
5) Make a thick line on your upper lash line using Liquid Eyeliner in coal and slightly wing it out. Leave lower lash line clean.
6) Load your lashes with Volumizing Mascara.
7) Fill in brows with the Precision Brow Pencil making them at least two times thicker than normal.
8) Place Blush in nectar on cheekbones.
9) Add a pop of Blush in paradise on apples.
10) Apply Lipstick in rose petal.

Holly Golightly Costume:

Holly Golightly Costume Ideas

Classic Black Dress:
Small Tiara:
Oversized Sunglasses:
Long Black Gloves:
Oversized Diamond Earrings:
Pearl Necklace:

Beauty Routine Game-Changers

In honor of football season, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite beauty routine Game-Changers. Add these all-star products to your beauty regime and you’re sure to score great skin!

First Down: Face Primer
If flawless skin is your goal then Face Primer should be your first step. With its ability to fill in fine lines and extend the wearability of any foundation, Face Primer should be your go-to for a flawless complexion.

Field Goal Extra Point- Skin Revitalizing Starter Kit
You’re already using a great cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream but to get extra points we recommend adding the Skin Revitalizing Starter Kit to your routine. The kit contains 15% Vitamin C and B5 Hydration which work together to increase the absorption of active ingredients and enhance the benefits of your moisturizer. These two game-changes will give your skin the extra moisturizing bonus it needs to supports cell renewal and hydration.

4th Quarter Comeback - Re-Energize Dry Shampoo
The more you wash your hair the more you strip away it’s natural oils that act as a barrier against damage. Add Re-Energize Dry Shampoo to your routine every other day and your hair will come back stronger than ever!  

Most Valuable Product - Triple Action Serum
This MVP does it all! If you want a product that lightens hyperpigmentation, brightens complexion, assists in cell renewal, and improves the texture and appearance of the skin, Triple Action Serum will be your MVP!

Tackle Wrinkles- Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream
A recent study revealed that 93% of participants measured a significant improvement in the appearance of wrinkles while using Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream. Tackle wrinkles by increasing collagen and elastin to restructure aging skin.

Beauty Game Changers Skin Care Makeup
Beauty Game Changers
Receive $10 off your order of $100 or more and get free shipping using code GLOMVP at checkout**.

***This offer is available from 12:01am 10/22/12 through 11:59pm on 10/26/2012 MST. To redeem, enter GLOMVP in the space provided in your shopping bag and click 'apply code'. To receive $10 off and free shipping, your product subtotal must be $100 or more. This offer is valid on MSRP orders only. Valid only for US residents as we cannot ship internationally - please see a list of our International Distributors if you are outside the US. Offer valid only while supplies last. Offers subject to change. This offer is not valid on past orders.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Makeup Photo Contest

With less than two weeks until Halloween we hope you all have  your costumes picked out (If you still need ideas then check out these great suggestions: Mary Poppins, Daisy Buchanan, the Evil Queen)! To celebrate Halloween we are having a Halloween Makeup Photo Contest and want everyone to join in the fun!

Halloween Photo Contest

Official Rules:
1) Post a headshot of a Halloween makeup look you created using glo minerals.

***Salons and makeup artists this includes you! If you or someone at your salon did someone’s makeup professionally for Halloween we want to see it! Please tag the makeup artist who completed the look and she will be the winner. (All submissions must be posted with the permission of the makeup artist and the model/client).***

2) You have from Thursday, October 18-Thursday, November 1 to post your look.

3) gloProfessional will pick our top four favorite looks. The top four looks will then be voted on from Friday, November 2- Monday, November 5.

4) The winner will be announced at 4:00 MST on Monday, November 5. They will then have 48 hours to send an email to with their contact info.

5) Prize:

We can’t wait to see what all of you talented makeup artists and enthusiasts come up with!

**US Residents Only. gloProfessional reserves the right to delete or remove any inappropriate or offensive photographs so please keep your submissions family friendly.

Halloween Photo Contest
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