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Celebrate Beauty in 2013!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines beauty as “ the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.” We love this definition of beauty because it is 100% open to interpretation. Beauty is whatever pleasures our senses and exalts our mind or spirit! Since what exalts one person’s mind or spirit is completely personal one could say that there are 6 billion different definitions of beauty!

As a company specializing in skin care, cosmetics and hair care, we strive to create products that help you reveal your individual beauty. In upcoming posts we will be celebrating women who are living beautifully and we will be taking a closer look at beauty in some of its many forms. Our hope is to inspire and be inspired to create and expand our own definitions of beauty.

Tell us, how do you define beauty?

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Thank You for a Beautiful 2012!

Thank You for a Beautiful 2012!

Thank you Image

Friday, December 28, 2012

Ami Approved: 2013 Skin Care Resolutions

I, Ami Shvartzman, resolve to do the following for my skin this New Year!

1.       I will wash off my makeup before I go to bed.
This may seem tedious but is such an important part of your skincare regimen! Luckily glo makes this very easy with the gentle Eye Makeup Remover and 6 different cleansers to choose from. In a pinch the glo therapeutics’ Conditioning Milk Cleanser may also be used to remove makeup!  

2.       I will use my tonic.
Toning is the forgotten second step for so many of us but it really is so important. Not only do tonics remove any remaining chemicals or chlorine from the water you are using (which can be detrimental to the skin), tonics can also aid in better penetration of a moisturizer, and calm and balance the skin. You can’t go wrong with the Purifying Tonic or Conditioning Tonic!

3.       I will exfoliate at least 3 times per week.
Exfoliation is key when it comes to relieving dry, dull winter skin! And there are so many choices: Retinol Products (Renew Serum, Retinol CS, Tretinol .5% or Triple Action Serum), Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Renew Serum or Brightening Serum), Beta Hydroxy Acids (Clear Acne Cleanser, Daily or Daily Polishing Cleanser) or even a Physical Exfoliant (Refresh Facial Polish, Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub or Brightening Polish).

4.       I will drink more water.
Drinking water is essential for the overall health of one’s body but is such an important piece of having great skin as well. Water is a great way to keep the skin plump and hydrated and flush any unnecessary toxins from the body. I’ll be treating the largest organ in my body with 8 glasses a day!

5.       I will use an eye cream.
I am about to round the corner into my late 20’s and let me tell you, it is never too early to start using an eye cream! Tackle fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness with one of glo therapeutics’ three eye creams (Eye Restore, Vital Eye Cream and Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream).
which are all made for different skin types.

6.        I will remember to wear my sunscreen.
Even on the cloudiest of days the sun’s harmful rays can still penetrate the skin. I’ll be fighting sun exposure with one of glo’s fantastic sunscreens!  With so many options it’s guaranteed you’ll find a formulation that works well for your skin type: Oil free SPF 40+, Water Resistant Spf 45, SPF 40 Facial moisturizer, Protecting Powder SPF 30 or glo minerals’ Pressed Base, Loose Base or Liquid Foundation.

What are your skin care resolutions?

New Year's Eve Makeup

If there is one night a year to really go all out with your makeup, that night is New Year’s Eve! Kate McCarthy put together two ultra-glam looks to help you ring in the new year! Go ahead, step out of your comfort zone and give one of these a try!

New Year’s Eve Look #1- Vintage Glam with a Twist

New Year's Eve Makeup - Vintage with a Twist

Follow these steps to recreate this look:
1) Apply your favorite glo minerals base: Pressed Base, Loose Base, Protective Liquid Foundation, or Sheer Tint Base.
2) Apply Eye Shadow in diamond all over eye lid.
3) Apply
Eye Shadow in mink to crease.
4) Apply
Eye Shadow in water lily to lid and lower lashline.
5) Using the Precise Micro Eyeliner in navy to create a dramatic cat eye.
6) Layer Blush in papaya and nectar to cheeks.
7) Using the Precision Eye Pencil in blue, line lips then blend with Lipstick in vixen.
8) Top your lips with Gloss in poppy.

New Year’s Eve Look #2: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

New Year's Eve Makeup - Glamour

Follow these steps to recreate this look:
1) Apply your favorite glo minerals base: Pressed Base, Loose Base, Protective Liquid Foundation, or Sheer Tint Base.
2) Apply Cream Eyeliner to entire eye lid (lash line to right below the crease).
3) Using
Eye Shadow in eggplant, smoke and blend the shadow out to the crease.
4) Blend
Eye Shadow in lilac into the crease.
5) Apply
Eye Shadow in diamond on brow bone.
6) Smudge
Eye Shadow in mermaid into lower lash line.
7) Using
Eye Shadow in ocean, halo around the mermaid shade and blend.
7) Apply Blush in begonia.
8) Apply Royal Lip Crayon in regal ruby.

** Don’t be afraid of how thick and low the lower lash line is. This is a great way to make your eyes look bigger.

Countdown to 2013: 5 Midnight Must-Haves!

We are counting down our must-have products for ringing in the New Year!

5) Start off the evening with a fresh, smooth face with Daily Polishing Cleanser.

4) Give you decollete, shoulders, and hair a light dusting of Shimmer Dust for a little added enchantment.

3) As the evening goes on, wake up your makeup with a few spritzes of Revive Hydration Mist.

2) It’s getting pretty late, brighten your eyes and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Eye Revitalize.

1) Right before the ball drops add a little Mint Balm to your lips...


Looks We Love: New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve has always been synonymous with sparkle and glamour but this year it seems like sequins have truly taken over our favorite department stores. We love the glittery  trend but there is a fine line between looking festive and looking like you have joined a chorus line. Here are our tips for participating in the sequins trend while still looking sophisticated and fabulous.

Sequins Separates
Keep the sparkle understated and elegant by looking for separates that can be worn with classic pieces you already have. Adding neutral accessories will also keep this look age appropriate for a festive New Year’s Eve party with friends. Add your favorite shade of Lipstick (we love Sheer Lipstick in capri) and a little luminescence with the Shimmer Brick in gleam and you are set to ring in the New Year! 

New year's Eve Look
Classic Silhouettes
If you are going to go for all over sparkle we suggest keeping the silhouette streamlined and classic. The look can stay sophisticated while still looking radiant with sleek accessories and a bold red lip. To get the perfect red lip try Lipstick in cabaret and add a few spritz of Shimmer Dust in sleigh bell silver for a little extra glamour.

Bleck sequins New Years Eve Dress

Saturated Hues
Another key to keeping sequins age appropriate is finding pieces in rich, saturated hues. This keeps your look refined and timeless. With the appropriately named Protecting Lip Treatment in champagne punch and Eye Shadow in diamond you will be counting down to the New Year in sophisticated style!

New Year's Eve Glamour

Inspiration for looks:
Sequins Separates: Sweater (, Skirt (, Flats (, Earrings (
Classic Silhouettes: Dress (, Heels (, Clutch (
Saturated Hues: Sweater (, Pants (, Pumps (, Watch (

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Product Review: Lip Filler Pencil

You’ve tried and loved our Lid Primer and Face Primer and now it’s time to add glo minerals Lip Filler Pencil to your priming routine.  The Lip Filler Pencil is a clear lip primer that leaves lips looking smooth, hydrated and soft. Not only does this product moisturize your lips but it helps fill in fine lines on and around your lips for a younger looking smile. When applied before your Lip Liner and Lipstick it also helps prevent your lip color from feathering.  Here’s what others have to say about the Lip Filler Pencil:

Lip Filler Pencil Review

I love this pencil.. I line around my lips with this pencil first and it keeps the feathering at bay.”- Online Review,

Do you have a review for the Lip Filler Pencil? We’d love to hear it!

Video Exclusive: How to Emphasize Blue Eyes

Learn how to accentuate your beautiful blue eyes with this new tutorial from Kate McCarthy! 

How to emphasize blue eyes
Products Used to Emphasize Blue Eyes:
1) Texture Eye Brush
2) Lid Primer
3) Precise Micro Eyeliner in black
4) Eye Shadow Trio in copper sheen
5) Smudge Brush
6) Water Resistant Mascara
7) Dual Foundation Camouflage Brush
8) Concealer Under Eye
9) Precision Brow Pencil in blonde

Friday, December 21, 2012

Ami Approved: Tis the Shimmer Season

Tis the season to glimmer and glo! glo minerals Shimmer Bricks are an easy way to achieve the perfect amount of shimmer! The gleam brick is a fantastic highlighter for fair skins, while luster is a highlighter for darker skin tones. Not only are the colors simply gorgeous but it’s one of my favorites because it’s a one - stop shop product. You can use each individual triangle of luster or gleam on the eyes, lips or cheeks for a gorgeous, radiant look. For an all over glo, sweep all four together and apply to your face décolleté or shoulders! Add a little brightness to the inner corners of the eyes with the white triangle of gleam or the gold of luster and pair with Blush for a fresh, hydrated dewy look. Or use under a Gloss for a little extra iridescence. For an easy, natural luminescence glo minerals' Shimmer Bricks are the way to glo :)

Tip: Apply with glo mineral's Texture Brush or Fan Brush for a beautiful sheer application.

Holiday Wishes from Kate McCarthy

This post was written by gloProfessional's National Makeup Artist, Kate McCarthy. 

Every year at this time things seem to speed up more than we can keep up. With holiday parties, plans with family and attempts to tie up loose ends before the year is over we can become more stressed than spirited.  We have SO much to do it seems that we often forget to take a second and observe what is really happening around us and think about what this time of year is really about.

Yes, we might be busier than usual but this is also the time of year we get to see loved ones we may not see often. We get to remember loved ones who are no longer here as well as surrounded ourselves by those who love US. While that probably sounds a little cheesy to some it’s true! After all, showing gratitude for others is the number one way to feel gratitude toward yourself (AKA self love). We as women are all too familiar with how difficult that simple thought can be to bring to fruition.  

It should be easy to look in the mirror and smile at yourself with gratitude and be thankful for what you have around you, who you have in your life and how far you have made it with your own personal goals. However, it’s easier said than done. As women strive for perfection, we are becoming harder and harder on ourselves in our effort  to be seen in such a tailored way. It makes it difficult to genuinely know or cherish who we really are.  

So this holiday season I propose that we make some December resolutions (think of it as a precursor to your new year’s resolution). I resolve to allow myself to be in the moment and feel genuinely grateful for all the wonderful people I am lucky enough to have in my life.  I also resolve to accept that the people who I am surrounded by are lucky to have ME in their lives because  showing gratitude for myself will help me show gratitude for others. After all, gratitude is beautiful and so are you!

What is your December resolution?

Two Easy Holiday Hairstyles

In the spirit of the holidays we’ve put together two effortless hairstyles that are sure to get you through the season looking pretty! Each look was created using glo essentials styling products and are simple enough for anyone to try. Happy Holidays!  

Soft Side Braid
•  Prep hair by applying glō∙essentials Boost Hair Volumizer.  
•  Blast hair with a hairdryer to create texture and volume.
•  Sweep the hair over to one side.
•  Pull the hair into three different sections to start the loose braid.
•  Start to braid the hair, adding sections into the braid loosely to keep softness around the face.
•  Continue to braid to the end of the hair, keeping width and looseness.
•  You can use your fingers to create more width and texture to the braid if desired.
•  Spray with glō∙essentials Radiant Fix Hairspray in Firm Hold for extra control.

Holiday Half-Up
•  While your hair is damp, spray glō∙essentials Texture Styling Spray near the scalp.
•  Scrunch up the hair while doing so to create dimension.
•  Let hair air dry.
•  Take sections of hair and curl the strands using a curling wand.
•  Now take two small sections of hair that frame your face, and pull them backwards towards the crown of the head.
•  Individually, twist the two sections, and pin them against the back of the head.
•  Spray with glō∙essentials Radiant Fix Hairspray in Medium Hold for manageable hold.
•  Finish with a festive hair clip and your Half-up/Half-down Do is done.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Looks We Love: Outdoor Winter Activities

For those of  you willing to brave the cooler temperatures, the holiday season is full of fun outdoor activities that you can do with your friends and family. Here are some of our favorite ideas and festive looks to match!

Finding a Tree
While the trees sold at hardware stores and on street corners are usually perfectly trimmed there is something to be said for heading to the mountains and finding your own tree. Put on your warmest coat and spend the day walking around a designated tree chopping area near you until you find that special tree (go to to find a location near you). Don’t forget that winter UV rays are also harmful so protect your skin and lips with SPF 40 Facial Moisturizer and The Mint Balm.

Winter Activities Look gloProfessional

Spread some holiday cheer by gathering loved ones for an evening of caroling. This festive tradition dates all the way back to 1410 so keep the tradition alive by bundling up and belting out your favorite holiday tunes. Look lovely as you sing and protect your lips from the elements with Protecting Lip Treatment in flirtini and add a little sparkle to your eyes with Eye Shadow Trio in coffee.

Christmas Caroling Outfit

Outdoor Ice Skating
Not only is ice skating a fun outdoor holiday activity but it’s great exercise (you can burn up to 440 calories in one hour)! So lace up some skates and spend the afternoon perfecting your salchow! Channel your inner Nancy Kerrigan with a pretty red lip with Lipstick in aubergine and get Olympic worthy shimmer with Shimmer Dust in sleigh bell silver. We give you a perfect 10!

gloProfessional Ice Skating Look

Inspiration for Tree Look: Coat (, Jeans (, Boots (, Hat ( 
Inspiration for Caroling Look: Coat (, Pants (, Boots (, Hat ( 
Inspiration for Skating Look: Coat (, Pants (, Gloves (, Skates (

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Q&A with Kate: Casual Holiday Makeup

Hi Kate! I am spending the holidays with my family (nothing very glamorous) but I still want to look festive. Any suggestions for looking put-together but casual?

There is nothing better than a relaxing holiday with the family.  I always like to stay pretty casual. Skinny jeans, boots, a loose top or sweater (to hide the proof that I ate too much) and a fun makeup look that is understated but attention grabbing at the same time!  The most important accessory for your holiday plans? Your loved ones!

Holiday Makeup glo minerals

Holiday with the Family Tutorial
1) Start with your favorite glo minerals base such as Pressed Base, Loose Base, Protective Liquid Foundation, or Sheer Tint Base.
2) Apply Eye Shadow in twinkle all over the lid.
3) Apply Dust 24K over the Eye Shadow.
4) Use the Precise Micro Eyeliner in navy to line the top and bottom lashline.
5) Apply Blush in nectar in the balls of your cheeks.
6) Add a touch of color to your lips with Gloss in cherry blossom.
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