5 Ways to Break Out of Your Winter Makeup Rut

If cold winter temperatures and short days are starting to bring you down, fight the winter blues with some pretty updates to your makeup routine. Try these five easy pick-me-ups that will instantly improve your mood!

5 Ways to Break Out of Your Winter Makeup Rut

1) Add An All Over Glow- Add a drop of Sheer Tint Illuminator to your Sheer Tint Base or Protective Liquid Foundation. The subtle light reflecting particles in the Illuminator will give your skin a warm, natural luminescence.

2) Give Your Cheeks a Pinch of Color- Use a cheek tint like Tint for Cheeks and Lips to give your cheeks an extra pop of color. This will brighten your  complexion and add a healthy, natural flush to your face.

3) Give Yourself a Facelift- Add a touch of Highlighter to the upper corners of your cheekbones, brow bones, and inner corner of your eyes. Then using the Texture Brush and Bronze in sunlight add a slight contour just below your cheekbones and on the top of your top nose. This will give the illusion of higher cheekbones and a brighter complexion.

4) Try a New Lipstick Color- Few things can brighten your mood as fast as a great shade of Lipstick. Try some of these bold but beautiful colors: bali, jamaica, cabaret, or aubergine.

5) Show A Little Skin- Even though it’s winter you can still show a little skin! Add a little Body Glisten or Body Bronzer to your lotion for a subtle temporary tan.