Friday, January 11, 2013

Ami Approved: Brighten Up!

For those of us who suffer from allergies, don’t get enough sleep or just have hereditary dark circles, under eye puffiness and wrinkling in the area under our eyes can be a struggle. I know it has been a common problem for me!  Finding a concealer that isn’t too heavy but still has great coverage and lasts all day is a tough task but glo minerals’ Brightener Highlight Concealer really over performs in every category!

With an easy to use click pen and soft sponge applicator the Brightener Highlight Concealer illuminates the area under your eyes and gives sheer coverage. This magic little highlighter works by reflecting light  to give your skin a slight luminescence. It may also be used on the cheekbones or the bridge of the nose for an extra highlight or on top of  Concealer Under Eye for a bit more coverage. It photographs beautifully  and can also be mixed with Face Primer for a radiant base. Think of it as a glass of water and a dose of vitamins for the skin under your eyes! For an instant well-rested look,  the glo minerals’ Brightener Highlight Concealer is Ami Approved!

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