Friday, January 4, 2013

Ami Approved: Clear It Up!

Acne is an extremely challenging problem that affects millions of people. Treatment can be frustrating for  those who experience it and skin care professionals alike. With so many different contributing factors (poor diet, genetics, stress, cleansing habits, oil production and even dehydration) it can seem like a daunting condition to tackle (read our answers to 5 Common Acne Questions here).

glo therapeutics has a huge range of acne fighting products but there is one in particular that
I find easy to use and effective for almost all skin types… glo therapeutics’ Clear Complexion

These convenient little pads contain a healthy dose of Salicylic Acid, which is a wonderful beta
hydroxy acid that penetrates deep down into skin’s follicles with cleansing antibacterial properties! The Clear Complexion Pads also contain Sodium Chlorite (to help break down sebum), Citric Acid (which helps to preserve your natural moisture factor and is a spectacular antioxidant) and Spearmint (an antioxidant with great astringent properties).

The Clear Complexion Pads are an easy product to throw in a gym bag or backpack. Plus, they are a great spot treatment for acne and can even be cut in half to prolong their usage. We suggest using one to two times a day and immediately after exercise. For that added oomph in the fight against acne glo therapeutics’ Clear Complexion Pads are Ami Approved!

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