Five Hair Resolutions for 2013

We've all heard the cliche “New Year, New You” but to be honest... we like the old you! Instead of trying to reinvent yourself this year we suggest making these 5 simple hair resolutions that can make a big impact!

1) Embrace your natural texture! With all of the tools out there to help us get the hair we want (straighteners, curlers, styling wands) we often forget to appreciate the hair we have. Not only can these tools damage our hair but all that styling can take up valuable time! We suggest embracing your natural texture with these excellent styling products made to enhance the hair you have.

2) Abide By the 6-8 Week Trim Rule. When your stylists recommends getting a trim every 6-8 weeks do you roll your eyes? It might be time to start taking her advice. Getting your hair trimmed frequently helps keep its shape and structure (which mean fewer bad hair days). Trimming off the dead ends can also help your hair look longer and fuller since dead ends can make hair look thin and stringy.

3) Deep Condition Your Hair Once a Week. Even women who don’t have dry hair should take this one to heart. Not only do deep conditioning treatments give your hair added nutrients but they force you to take an extra 10 minutes for yourself. Try the Intense Recovery Conditioning Mask which has peptides and Clover to support the hair follicle, helping to strengthen it and prevent breakage.

4) Update Your Signature Style. We’re not saying you have to go out and try a pixie cut, but it might be time for a subtle update. Even something as simple as parting your hair differently can update your look. Another easy update is taking the length up just 2 inches. This can give the illusion of an instant facelift!

5) Shampoo Less! Overly-frequent shampooing can strip your hair of necessary oils and in turn trigger an overproduction of oil which causes you to want to shampoo even more... sounds like a vicious cycle to us! We suggest trying to use wet shampoo every other day to help improve the health of your hair. Keep looking fresh in between washes with Re-Energize Dry Shampoo.