Get Inspired with Lindsey Kurhajetz of Esprit de She

We are thrilled to be sponsors of Life Time Fitness’ premier athletic event series for women- Esprit de She - The Spirit of Her Race Series. These fun, social, and uplifting race events are fueled by the “power of her” mentality that lives beyond the finish line.  

We’ve asked Esprit de She’s Brand Director, Lindsey Kurhajetz, to answer some of our questions about beauty, finding time to exercise and how to stay motivated and reach your goals. Read her answers and check out the Esprit de She website and Facebook page to find a race near you!

gloProfessional: How do you define beauty?
Lindsey: To me, beauty is a genuine smile. If you have a reason to smile, to share this joy with others, that’s beautiful. I also see beauty in humble and grateful minds.

gloProfessional: Who inspires you?
Lindsey: Being a keen observer of people, I tend to find inspiration in my everyday experiences. I’m inspired by people with passion – people who make a conscious decision to dedicate themselves to doing more and those who selflessly use their talents to enhance the lives of others. The BEST inspiration is witnessing those magnetic individuals who move through their daily lives and because of their characters, are naturally inspiring often without even knowing.

gloProfessional: How do you squeeze time for yourself into your busy schedule?
Lindsey: “Treat yourself well.” I saw this simple phrase on the back of someone’s t-shirt while running around the lake. This phrase has since been a reminder to me that in the midst of taking care of life, taking time for me is a paramount “must-do” in that equation. Each day brings a fun challenge to make this happen. I try ‘no cell phone’ car rides where I can listen to music and reflect on my day. I schedule workouts with friends to socialize and accomplish that feel-good gym session. I bake muffins on Sunday morning or cook meals for the week in the afternoon. I always have to remember to be my own wellness champion and to never feel guilty for taking this time.

gloProfessional: What advice do you have for women who are thinking about starting a new fitness routine?
Lindsey: Be realistic – and patient. Determine the available time you have to dedicate to your new routine and set your goal accordingly. Once your mission is defined, determine what tools you need to succeed, especially training tips for safe and progressive workouts. It’s easy to lose steam when pursuing a goal, but having visual reminders of what you’re aiming for can help keep you on track. Find those images – cut from magazines, or shared on Pinterest – that will light your ambitions on fire and keep you connected and motivated to your routine.

gloProfessional: What are your tips for staying stylish while working out?
Lindsey: Dress for success – famed words to live by as a working woman. The same is true in the gym. When we dress for success, I’m confident there’s a hidden vibe within that elevates our performance. Above all, I ensure that my gym bag is packed with layers that match. Sometimes the gym or outdoor weather varies and I like nothing more than to be prepared for any situation. I tend to purchase neutral accessories (headbands, hats, socks, etc.) and let the rest of the ensemble be colorful.

gloProfessional: What songs are on your current playlist?
Lindsey: Being completely honest, my runs jive to the same tunes – in order. I love looking forward to this tradition before I take to the street or treadmill. My line-up includes mostly upbeat tracks like Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina “Stereo Love,” Rihanna “We Found Love,” Enrique Iglesias “Tonight” and The Black Eyed Peas “I’ve Got a Feeling.” At times, the more subdued, calming tunes like Nickel Creek’s “When You Come Back Down” and Adele’s “Someone Like You” are just what I need after a long day.

For more information about Esprit de She, take a look at this video and read our Gym Bag Beauty Essentials post for more inspiration! Are you signing up for a race? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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