Q&A with Kate: Age Appropriate Tips for Products with Shimmer

Hi Kate! What are your guidelines for staying age appropriate when applying products with shimmer?

Kate: Shimmer in makeup can be a beautiful thing… in moderation. I have said before that there are no rules in makeup, and I stand by that, but there are a few guidelines or adjustments that we all have to make as we mature. For example, after three long years of putting obscene amounts of glitter on the sides of my eyes in middle school, I finally gave that up for a softer approach.
The main reason we want to start toning down shimmer as we age is because shimmer reflects light meaning the more shimmer we have on our face the more the light highlights our signs of aging. This does not mean you need to outlaw shimmer all together but moderation and formula are the things you need to look at when applying a shimmer based product. Since I don’t like putting an age limit to when you should adjust your makeup routine, I would start to pay attention to the way your makeup looks throughout the day. If midday you feel like you are looking a little tired (or your fine lines are not so fine) start to go down the less is more route with your shimmer application.

The words to look for in an age appropriate shimmer product are words like sheer, illuminating or brightening. Products with sheer, illuminating ingredients will diffuse light, giving the skin a soft, illuminated appearance. Products that use the words glitter or shiny tend  to reflect light, making everything look harsh and over exaggerated as we age. I love our Sheer Tint Illuminator! Its soft pink tone adds such a beautiful, subtle brightness to the skin without looking like you’re in line for a Justin Bieber concert.

For eye shadows, you can do a little shimmer, but choose colors that range from a soft bamboo or bone color to a medium taupe color. Anything too light or too dark will be too much. I love using Eye Shadow in sand pebble for a lid color, and then using a matte color on the brow bone for balance like bamboo or fawn.  If you really have a hard time letting go of shimmer, try putting it in places other than your face. For example, start with Dust 24K  in gold or bronze and mix with our Style Defining Hair Cream and pull the products through your dry strands for shimmery locks.

If you are in your twenties, now’s the time to grab our Highlighter, any of our shimmer Eye Shadows or  Dust 24K and go to town!