Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Welcome 2013!

Hi Kate! What are some beauty resolutions you are planning to make in 2013?

Kate: Ah New Year's… Gym memberships, haircuts and colors, new outlook on life. Yep, that’s what New Years is all about! It is also about making smaller resolutions that can end up having a big impact.  I suggest make a beauty resolution that helps you see yourself in a new light. A beauty resolution can be anything from trying a new eyeliner formula to changing your whole makeup arsenal. For those who see make up as a material thing, I urge you to open your mind in 2013! Makeup can be healing, it can perk you up, and it give you the new attitude that we all strive to find in the first few weeks of the New Year.

My personal beauty resolution this year is quite simple but will make a huge difference in my skin and overall health…drinking more water. I am the WORST water drinker (as in, I don’t get enough, ever)! So I resolve to drink half my weight in ounces in H2O every day! Water can keep your skin hydrated, soft AND clear! Flushing out toxins can make a major impact on your skin, so I am going for it in 2013!