Friday, February 15, 2013

Ami Approved: Barrier Balm

Is your skin hungry for hydration and nourishment? Some days it feels like my skin sucks up every moisturizing product it comes into direct contact with and even the thickest moisturizer just isn’t enough. I need something thick, something occlusive, I need Barrier Balm.

For dry, dehydrated or post treatment skin (as well as cracked lips, hands, feet and cuticles), glo therapeutics’ Barrier Balm is da balm! This diverse balm heals and repairs with hydrating and protective ingredients to promote skin integrity. With ingredients like Rose Hip Seed Oil (which is rich in vitamins A, C and E), Prickly Bark Ash Extract (which helps heal and reduce the pain of wounds), and Squalane (a greaseless oil that helps nourish and plump the skin) Barrier Balm is perfect for use in, and out, of the treatment room. Barrier Balm is a super hydrating and emollient moisturizer that helps heal and conquer extreme dryness and is Ami Approved!

Tip: Slather on under socks and gloves and wear to bed for supple smooth hands and feet in the morning!  

Ami Approved: Barrier Balm

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