Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Picking the Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

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Q: Hi Kate! What tips do you have for picking the best lipstick shade for your skin tone?

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Kate: I get asked this question a lot! And the truth is... there really isn’t an exact rhyme or reason when picking a color. Lipstick is such a personal quest for women that you want to focus more on what will make you feel great, rather than dated rules like matching warm to warm or cool to cool. Here are my top 5 guidelines to finding the perfect match:

1.       Understand Your Color Palette- I suggest trying on at least 3 colors from each color family: pinks, peach, mochas, reds and corals. The reason you want to do this is that each shade in that family may have different undertones. For example, there could be three pinks, one with a blue undertone, one with a peach undertone and one with a brown undertone.

2.       Decide Which Tonal Color Works-  If you notice that a peach or pink colors brighten your entire complexion, you want to start looking at all colors with peach undertones. If a blue pink (typically a darker shade of pink) washes you out, makes your skin look dull or your teeth look yellow.... move on!

3.       Decide the Attitude You Want Your Lips to Portray-  For example, if you prefer to be more understated with your lips I suggest looking at lighter colors. You don’t need to waste your time looking at dark tones if you won’t feel comfortable while wearing it. 

4.       Find a Combo that Works- Don’t be afraid to mix a lip liner in a blue family with a peach family lipstick and a red family gloss- the combos are truly endless! It’s trial and error so find some time to spend on perfecting your perfect mix. My personal favorite combo, and one that works on A LOT of women, is Precision Lip Pencil in petal, Lipstick in bella, and Gloss in naked.

5.       Even Out Your Tone- If you have two toned lips (meaning your natural lip line is darker than your natural lip color) balance out the tone with concealer. Blend the color out towards your face for a more even look!

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