What's On Your Beauty Shelf?

What's On Your Beauty Shelf?

Name: Lucia P.
Department: Digital Commerce and Media
Skin Type: Normal  with occasional breakouts.

Morning Skin Care Routine: Most mornings, my routine is pretty by the book. Here’s my lineup:  Clear Acne Cleanser  followed by Purifying Tonic and 15% Vitamin C. I let that absorb while I straighten up my apartment for the day  then on to  Oil Free Moisturizer and/or Oil Free SPF 40+. Living in Colorado has taught me the importance of maintaining balanced, well-hydrated skin and protecting it with SPF. On days when I have a little extra time or want to feel especially aglow, I add Brightening Polish to my routine. My favorite thing to do is to use it in the shower and leave it  on my skin for five minutes in the steam. I love the spicy Turmeric scent and the smooth glow the treatment gives my skin.

Evening Skin Care Routine:  Evenings are for special treatment. I usually stick with Clear Acne Cleanser and Purifying Tonic to get rid  of any dirt from the day and balance my skin. Then I apply Renew Serum and allow that to absorb. If I’m in the midst of a breakout, I use Clear Anti-Blemish Treatment as a spot treatment. If a recent breakout is clearing, I use Clear Healing Gel to aid in the healing process. I follow treatment with Oil Free Moisturizer and Cherry Balm before heading to bed for my beauty sleep.

Hair Care Routine: Calling hair care a “routine” for me is a bit generous. When it comes to my hair, chaos rules. If I woke up with my alarm, there’s a solid chance I’ll shower and shampoo and condition with the Moisture Enhance duo. My hair is very fine but very dry and brittle (I blame living at 5,280 feet) so rich hydration  is crucial to keep it shiny and healthy-looking. After showering, I let it air dry as much as I can and apply Reparative Keratin Leave-in Treatment then a little Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil before minimal blow drying. If I overslept, it’s straight to the Re-Energize Dry Shampoo in brunette. I never used dry shampoo before glo essentials, but I’m a convert!

Can’t Live Without Products:  Is “All of the above” an acceptable answer?  Purifying Tonic is definitely on the list - I never knew how much good a toner could do for the skin until I tried this. In addition to purifying and removing any stray dirt , toners rebalance the pH of your skin after cleansing. It’s such a refreshing, wonderful part of my routine. Oil Free Moisturizer is also on the list. This moisturizer is the perfect match for my skin. It hydrates and moisturizes just enough and never feels too heavy for my sometimes finicky skin. 15% Vitamin C is also an essential - I’m investing in and protecting my skin for the long haul with this antioxidant powerhouse. Plus it lightens and brightens for a beautiful complexion. Last but not least, my hair’s savior - Reparative Keratin Leave-in Treatment. This recent addition to my hair care arsenal has transformed my dry hair and given it back its shine!

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