All New Cyto-luxe: Face Essence

Powerful and luxurious yet lightweight and soft, glo therapeutics Cyto-luxe Face Essence is the perfect combination of essential oils and phytostem technology. This groundbreaking treatment promotes detoxification and helps your skin build a defense system against environmental toxins. With ingredients like Resistem, which promotes cell lifespan extension and tissue regeneration, and Sqisandryl, which is an extract from the berries of Schisandra chinensis, this product is clinically proven to strengthen the protein bonding structures that work to tighten the skin.

Perhaps the most luxurious element of this treatment is the nourishing and softening ingredient- Argan Oil. Argan Oil protects the skin against wrinkles that appear due to premature aging. This treatment was designed for those of you with dry skin who needs extra moisturizing properties, but it can be equally beneficial for individuals with oily skin. The high fatty acid content of Argan Oil allows it to be easily absorbed for soft, fresh feeling skin with no oily residue.

We recommend using Cyto-luxe Face Essence in conjunction with Cyto-Luxe Mask for the ultimate rejuvenating, detoxification and strengthening benefits. Apply after the mask twice a week to supplement your regular Cyto-luxe routine.  Lightly shake the bottle before to ensure the oils are properly mixed before each use and apply sparingly for best results.

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