Friday, March 22, 2013

Ami Approved: Dual Advantage Cream

Deep in the land of bumps, redness and inflammation lie two skin conditions despised by all...acne and rosacea. Unfortunately for many this fairy tale hits closer to home than you may think. Millions of people suffer from acne and rosacea. Luckily your friends at glo therapeutics are looking out for you, with the newest addition to the line, the Dual Advantage Cream!

The Dual Advantage Cream was designed to provide aid to chronically red skin but also treat blemishes and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (or the residual discoloration left behind by blemishes). It boasts 10% Azelaic Acid, a great skin brightener which helps prevent the growth of bacteria. Azelaic Acid also helps fight free radicals (one of the biggest dangers to skin) and reduces inflammation. The Dual Advantage Cream also contains Niacinamide which aids in repairing discoloration, hydration and reduces inflammation. Last but not least Arlactone Diocic DCA, which is a plant derived acid, helps even out texture and the tone of the skin!

Massage into skin after cleansing up to once per day for relief from problematic skin. The new glotherapeutics Dual Advantage Cream is Ami Approved!

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