What's On Your Beauty Shelf?

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Name: Aly W.
Department: Digital Commerce and Media
Skin Type: Combo(a little dry in winter months)

Morning Skin Care Routine: I’m usually a bit rushed in the mornings so I try to keep my skin care routine as simple (and quick) as possible! I wash my face with one of my favorite glo Cleansers depending on how my skin is feeling that day— Conditioning Milk Cleanser (if it’s feeling a little dry), and Clear Acne Cleanser, Daily Polishing Cleanser, or Refresh Facial Polish on days when my skin can use a little exfoliation. After toning with either the Conditioning Tonic or Purifying Tonic, I use Ultra 15% Vitamin C and follow up with Advanced B5 Hydration and Oil Free SPF 40+ which are both high in Hyaluronic Acid to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day.

Evening Skin Care Routine: Before bed, I use Conditioning Milk Cleanser and remove my makeup. My eyes can become easily irritated when removing makeup so the gentle Eye Makeup Remover formulation is perfect for me. After cleansing and removing my makeup, I follow up with a serum. In the summer months, I can’t live without Lightening Serum. It’s perfect for lightening sun spots on my forehead and nose from sun damage (from the days when I didn’t take such diligent care of my skin).  Since this product contains Hydroquinone, it makes sunscreen an even more important part of my morning routine. A few times a week, I apply Renew Serum before bed- it’s my secret to waking up with a wonderful glow the next morning!

Makeup Routine: Like my skin care routine, I try to keep my makeup routine as efficient as possible. On most days Loose Base beautifully covers any imperfections with a barely there look. I rely on Camouflage Oil-Free and Protective Liquid Foundation Satin II on the days that I have breakouts or need a little extra coverage. Next I add a swipe of Bronze with the Powder Brush or Shimmer Brick with the Fan Brush on my cheekbones for a healthy looking complexion. After applying Mascara and Mint Balm, my makeup is done! I ALWAYS set my makeup with Moist Hydration Mist. The hydrating mist is just the refresher I need to get me out the door and off to face the day!

Can’t Live Without Products: I am so glad that I don’t have to live without my favorite glotherapeutics Cleansers and glo minerals Loose Base! Knowing that every time I cleanse my face and put on foundation, I am improving the health of my skin just feels so good. Taking good care of my body and maintaining good health is important to me, and using glo products means that I am taking the best possible care of my skin too!

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