Q&A with Kate McCarthy: The Dish on Blush

Q: I am looking to purchase a new blush. What are the main differences and results of the different blush options from glo?

Blush: The powder Blush- Every girl’s best friend. Blush is a product that EVERY WOMAN needs. It perks up your complexion, balances out skin afflictions, and adds a little pep in your step! Plus, choosing a color is easier than you think. First, think about your attitude for the day, if you are feeling bold grab a color like begonia! If you are feeling more natural use nectar or paradise. The only rule of thumb? If you have a red surface tone, grab a blush that has more brown or yellow undertones to it. Think colors like bare, innocent and spice berry and apply with the Blush Brush.

Cream Blush: Cream Blush is a great choice for those who not only want a flush of color, but for those who need extra moisture. Cream Blush is ideal for those with dry skin, or skin that has lost its “luster.” I love using the Texture Brush with the Cream Blush and my favorite color is guava! It gives just the right amount of pink flush to the cheeks, without making you look like a clown.
Blush Duo: The Blush Duo is a wonderful product! I LOVE Blush Duo in  terra cotta. Both colors are made to compliment the skin.  Terra cotta is a great shade for those with Rosasea because the orange undertone helps neutralize the redness. I like to use the darker shade in the hollow of my cheeks and then with the lighter shade I highlight my cheekbones for a subtle contour and highlight effect.  
Powder Cheek Stain: This is my FAVORITE cheek product! Just a little bit gives you that just pinched look. Use the
Texture Brush with this one and more importantly remember to use sparingly! A little goes a VERY long way so start off with a small amount and gently brush your cheeks working from your apples to your temple. I also love to apply (using my finger) to my lips and top with clear gloss! The Powdered Cheek stain is ideal for any skin types. Plus, it’s really great for the upcoming summer months because  this blush is a humidity buster (great for summer brides too!).